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    Vi good article but adsense account fill up korar shomai address ke dibo.

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      ofcourse, give real address of your own country. No problem.

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    rubel khan

    Thanks for your nice tips. but i have a question. Monatization option only for USA People so our country not supported. So there is any problem withdraw method. ? Have you any withdraw this method?

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      No, monetization option is not only for USA people but for other countries like UK, Canada, Australia etc. Withdraw method is through a Bank Check or EFT payment system.

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    ketan patel

    Hello Author,

    first of all thanks for the nice post. I have some doubt related to get approved for the google adsense.I mean if my account is approved for the youtube channel, does it mean that i don’t need to apply for the .blogspot blog ads? or for that also i have to apply separately to get google ads shown on my blog.


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