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    Great list! I think that every website developer should be using this as a checklist before going live.

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    Abid Bhatti @ search engine ranking

    Thank you! look like quite helpful I think you just on mission to save time and money with the use of these tricks, very handy post.

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    Joseph Hansen

    These tips are helping me a lot. Good job for evaluating each one of them and explained it very well in your blog. I must say that SEO has a big impact in your website. No doubt why a lot of entrepreneur is doing SEO because they know for a fact the advantages it could bring to their business. But of course, it is not just pure SEO, one must realize the proper use of it and when to exactly it more effectively.

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    Data Analysis

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    Cado Magenge

    I am very impressed with your blog you did a very hard job. and I appreciate that sharing a helpful post, great job!

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    The first thing everyone needs to do is to produce quality contents in order for their visitors to come back. If you just focus on increasing your traffic or PR but forgot to increase your content’s quality along with SEO works, you’ll end up being back to zero in the long run. On the other hand, you also need SEO tactics. Because no matter how good your content is, if no one know about it, it will be a waste. So, just balance everything. Great blog!


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