20 Thousands People in an Under Ground City !!!

There are so many cities found in the world below ground. However, each is different from others. Among all Turkish Derinakiu is some extra-ordinary and exceptional. There are some extra special benefits that you cannot found anywhere. You will found a lot of things in this under ground city.

The Turkish Historical kappadosiya is quite popular with tourists for its diverse stone mountains. Kappadosiyara patterns have different names as per archaeological ruins and culturally.


Kappadosiyara under ground scenery is created by the people and nature together to create the most beautiful landscapes. And in this world, there is a distinct one kappadosiyara derinakyuye low-lying city.


The range of under ground Derinakyu city is up to 60 meters. There are currently about 20 thousand people lives here. Let us go back to 700 AD. Originally it is inhabited by the people from outside of the country to attack and fight to protect themselves in a city that was built under ground.


Once they realized that they need to look for a place where everyone can live invisibly. They made this city from the idea of the residents of the city.


Entrance to that under ground town is 600. There are huge room, chamber, facility. With the whole city to keep the door from inside large patharakhandera. Anybody can go to each floor separately, even closed also. The whole city is like a labyrinth sthapatyaseli. This town is quite difficult to unauthorized access.


That is all about the brief description of an Underground city Turkish Derinakiu.

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