5 Guaranteed Ways of Earning Money From Blogging

There is a lot of ways to earn online. Among them, blogging is one of the good earning way from online. But there are a number of ways to earn from blogging. However, to find the appropriate way of stability, security, and quality earning for new bloggers are quite a lot as well. I have posted it for the new bloggers about how to earn from blogging in five ways. I, myself, also follow it. Hope I will be able to make understand to you (new bloggers).

1.     Google Adsense:

The top favorite and easiest earning way through blogging is Google Adsense. This is favorite because if you apply for Google Adsense and get approval from them, you will get ad code from them. When you put that ad code in your blog or site, Google adsense ads will be viewed automatically.

This is easy and favorite as Google crawls all of your links of your blog at first and find relevant key words. After that, adjusting those key words Google views its ads. When ads of relevant key words of your post are viewed, then, there is a possibility of clicking on those ads. More click more earn from Adsense. But if you disobey the rules and policy of Google Adsense, you may be banned from Google adsense. So be careful! If you want to learn more how to get Google Adsense approval, you can visit this link.

2.      Direct Advertisement: Banner Ad

If you get more traffic in your site, you can earn more by putting banner ad in your blog.
The more visitors, the more possibility to earn from the advertiser. When the advertiser will see that you are getting more traffic in your blog, he will be more interested to publish his ad in your blog. In these circumstances, you can demand more amounts to publish his banner ad and he will be agreed also. Generally, for a 250×250 pixel banner ad, you can earn about USD 50.00 in a month. This is not bad. You can charge more also if your get huge traffic.

But there is a constraint in direct advertising of banner ad. For the banner ad, you may have to contact with the advertiser. You may have to send proposal letter by promoting your site also. You can also put a link “Advertise Here” in your blog. If any advertiser agrees to publish his ad, he will contact with you.

3.     Featured Blog Post:

As a blogger, featured blog post may be a source of online earning. Here, an advertiser can publish a solid content about his product or service so that his product can be promoted. Moreover, publisher can get a dofollow back link also from this site. As a result, you will be benefited directly.

4.     Back Link Sale

Back link is an important tool to increase page rank or site rank. If there is a link of a site in another site or page, the first link is called a back link for the 1st site. This is an incoming link for 2nd site and outgoing link for the 1st site. That means, by following this link, user will go to the 2nd site. In this way, the more back link for your site, the more traffic for your site. That is why, some web publisher wants to pay to bloggers to put his link or to create his back link. If your site is favorite site to users or your site’s rank is more than 3, you can earn online money from the publisher in exchange of his link. You can charge 20-25 USD for a back link creation in your site.

5.  Affiliate Marketing:

The most favorite online earning way is affiliation marketing for a blogger. The more revenue of online earning comes from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is such a program by which a blogger can get commission from the selling of product or services from entering into the company’s website through the publisher’s site. In this regard, publisher publish ad of the advertisers ad in his blog on a terms & conditions. Affiliation marketing is a worldwide concept. A lot of product or services are sold through affiliation marketing and bloggers earn money from their commissions. Such as: Movies, Calling Card, Software, Hardware etc Sky shopping. There are a lot of affiliation marketing agents in the world like Amazon, Alibaba, Cj.com etc. Among them, cj.com is the world’s famous affiliation marketing agent.

During affiliation marketing, you must be concerned about the quality of the product or services. You must do marketing of good quality products.

Though there are a lot of ways to earn from blogging, but, above 5s is the top favorite earning ways for the bloggers.

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