9 Unknown Mistakes About Dream

Many things come to us in our dream during sleeping about which we still do not know definitely. It is possible to estimate somewhat changes in our brain during sleep. In general, there are several theories about sleep and dreams. In many studies, it has emerged that the sleep has a big influence in our daily activities. A sleep and dream medicine specialist as well as clinical psychologist at the University of Arizona , Robin Neiman referred our brain as second sensor. He said that the night has been divided into twos during our sleep at which our brain acts like our digestive system.


A few mistakes about dream :

1 . We dream every night for a long time: You probably have heard that people dream only when the eyelids are quick sway. But the scientist Robin Neiman says,”we always see dream”. But we see more dream during moving faster of our eyelids. He also told that we see dream in the third quarter of the night almost all time.

2. The Insect does not move eyelids while sleeping: Normally, the insects do not move eyelids during their sleep. But, according to Popular Science, mammals and reptiles and some birds move eyelids during their sleep. Among them, some are also usual to dream.

3. If you awake due to alarm, it is difficult to remember dreams: If your sleep is broken due to alarm, wake up slowly – no hurry. Dr. Neiman said “get up slowly, take about one minute, go up to laziness” . He said that dreams can be yours if you chase the dream.


4. What should be your physical instance during Wake-up time: Neiman said, according to the biology, the person who took the time to wake up and open their eyes, their sense is activated . He also told ” Our dream is almost exactly in the same way in the body and brain to issue registration” .

5 . We dream in real time: It is commonly said that our dreams come in a second, break in a second also. In fact, in the reality, the dream may be drawn at 20 minutes to 30 minutes, even an hour.

6. Nightmares Fear is not always: Bad dreams are scary indeed. In 2014, it was studied among 333 people that a lot of nightmares and bad dreams , confusion , sadness and guilt , feelings of failure , fear of losing popularity are seen after dream .

7 . Died in Dream: A large number of people thinks if he or she see that he or she is going to die in a dream, he would die . But, in fact, there is no authenticity of it . Dr. Neiman said “if you get the chance to dream of died for a long time, take the chance ”.


So let us try to avoid these above Unknown Mistakes about dream.

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