American Signature Furniture Manufacturing Company

American Signature Furniture Manufacturing Company is the leading furniture company that based in Columbus, Ohio. This company is privately owned by the owner of the company as well as founder. This company is regarded as the parent furniture manufacturing company of Value City Furniture and American Signature Furniture. The brand oriented of this company is American Signature and known it as the manufacturer brand.

american signature modern home furniture

Location of American Signature Furniture Manufacturing Company:

The main headquarter of the American Signature Furniture Manufacturing Company is in Ohio. This company has five distributors who used to maintain retail stores that are spread about the world. There are about 125 stores in the 19 states only in the Eastern side of United States.

As you know this furniture manufacturing company used to operate both Value City Furniture and American Furniture brand, it cannot be a normal organization. This company has started its manufacturing more than 60 years ago and has gained a strong place in the world furniture market. Widen a good number of stores is enough to prove the place in world.

Classification of American Signature Furniture :

American Signature Furniture Manufacturing Company has many classifications in furniture. There are also three classifications in the furniture including casual contemporary furniture, modern furniture and traditional furniture. Of course, the normal furniture classifications like living room furniture, outdoor furniture, kitchen furniture, entertainment furniture, office furniture, and special resort furniture are the main products of the furniture manufacturing company.

There is No doubt that the main material of this furniture manufacturing company is wood and related to wood. The retailer’s stores are full of wooden and upholstered furniture and therefore, it is not tough for any customer to know about the main material of the company. But, the company also maintains the quantity of other types of material such as board, cabinet, solid wood etc.

American Signature Furniture Manufacturing Company is a name of respect in the furniture-manufacturing friends and serving the customers for a long time. Its huge collection of furniture with five main distributors is growing up their strength.

The founder, John Hancock has leaved a good impression to this furniture manufacturing company and therefore, the company is rising day by day. With the high demand of time, the company is gradually spreading their stores to other states of US. With the help of the five distributors, the company size is spreading here and there in US.

This furniture manufacturing company has good name for providing quality furniture to the customer. In addition, the company provides good customer service and always there for answering customer’s question. Moreover, the company always considers the price of any furniture before launching it in the market. Again, every furniture of the company provides warranty to the customers to help them with proper stages. These are some of the special care and steps of the company that brings it longer.

According to the furniture manufacturing company, its team always considers good services and schemes to the customers. This company is launching such kind of special furniture to make a dream home with its attractive and quality furniture  

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