Another Few Tragical Disappearances Like Malaysian Air Jet 370

In the Recent time, one talking is more heard that where that Malaysian Air Jet 370 might be now. A few days ago, this Malaysian Jet 370 was disappeared from the sky and not recovered yet. Several efforts are ongoing from the developed countries like Malaysia, China, USA etc but all are going to vein. Nothing has been revealed till today. But this type of mysterious history is not for the first time.  Let us the know some another tragical disappearance of some air jets.

Some Another Tragical Disappearances of Air jets

Flight 990 Egypt Air

In 1999, Egypt Air plane – Flight 990  was missed . After missing of that plane, the Egyptian government  formed a board of committee at the request of the United States to investigate the disappearances of the plane. The flight was disappeared from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport after flying for a few minutes. to fly in a very short period of time vanished from the radar . NTSB was getting the smell of anarchy and handed over the investigation to FBI. After investigation, it was found that the pilot of that the plane flew over the killing remain ashore in New England. As a result, 217 people were killed in the rider . The Egyptian government has always claimed to be the facts of the accident.

Flight 19 US Military

It was 5th December 1945. Five aeroplanes of the US Air Force was giving trial as their routine exercise. The day was very nice. Suddenly, captain of that team was observing that his compass was not working. He was said from the ground control to flew to the north considering sun’s direction. But he did not do it. As a result, he along with other four pilots were missed into the Barmuda Triangle. Nothing has been found till today after that. In those five flights, there were 27 apprentice pilots.

Flight 800 TWA

This flight was starting their journey to Paris. But after flying a while, it was crashed and fell into the Atlantic Sea. According to NTSB & FBI report, it was crashed due to short circuit.

Flight 7 Pan AM

In 1957, Flight 7 Pan AM was a  luxurious flight at that time. It was similar to Boeing 377. In 9th November 1957, it was crashed and fell into Pacific Ocean. All 44 passengers were died. Till today, nothing has been revealed. After investigation, it was thought that it was crashed due to mechanical failure.

Amelia Year-hart:

In June 1937, USA female Pilot was flewing over the Atlantic Ocean and declared that she would circumnavigate of the globe. But at this mission, she was disappeared near the Pacific Ocean (Hawland Island). After that, she was not found anywhere.

Though her broken parts of that destroyed airplane was found but she was missed forever. Nothing has been found in the investigation.

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