Answering Common Questions About Breast Scan

A breast scan or an MRI is essential to indicate the early signs of breast cancer or other infections/diseases. If you are considering a breast scan or Boise MRI it is crucial to be aware of the basics. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about breast scans to help you get clear answers. 

What is meant by breast scanning? 

This scanning is a type of imaging assessment that helps look at the breast’s internal parts. It is used in cases where the mammogram is insufficient to gain the required information about the breast. It involves nuclear imaging testing. Therefore radioactive materials are used in a minimal amount during the scanning process. Radioactive matter, also known as the tracer, is used to send gamma rays. The scanner collects them to create an image of the breast.

The scans are utilized for the diagnosis of breast cancer among women. It benefits young women with dense breasts, making it hard to detect cancer. Denseness is the best candy cause of fibrocystic disease in fat breast tissues, previous breast surgeries, radiation therapies, chemotherapy, biopsies, implants, etc. 

Why is breast scanning done? 

Breast scanning is done if the Reports of mammography are not clear. It is used along with the results of mammograms if the doctor suspects tumors, infections, hematoma, or cysts in the breast. Breast scanning can help in figuring out the level of cancer in the breast. It is followed by surgeries, chemotherapy, or other cures for cancer. 

Are there any risks involved with breast scanning?

There are minimal risks involved with radioactive tracers used for breast scanning. There are very few amounts of radioactive material in the testing process. The patient may feel uncomfortable after the injection of the tracer. Some people also experience allergic reactions after the injection. It is suggested to avoid breath scanning during pregnancy as the scanning can be unsafe for fetuses. Breast-feeding women are also discouraged from scans as breast milk contamination through the tracer is at risk. Scans are also halted if the patient is on period. It is scheduled for later as inaccuracies can be observed in scans done during menstruation. 

Anyone who is considering a breast scan is suggested to discuss all the health concerns with their healthcare professional before the scanning. They must inform the doctor of any persisting allergies or sensitivity to latex. The healthcare professionals must be fully aware of the patient’s ongoing medications and health conditions to be scanned.