Top 25 DIY Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Inground Pools That You Can’t Resist

Do you have a small backyard??? But your imagination for your backyard is unlimited. Then you are very lucky because we have some amazing small backyard landscaping ideas which will blow your mind. Whether you want space to value having a private recharge in nature or space to entertain friends, even small backyards can work to suit your needs.Today we will talk about Top 25 DIY Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Inground Pools That You Can’t Resist.

Small Backyard Landscaping- Cost

If we form an average aspect, homeowners usually have lawn space which is .25 acres. With that space, owners can spend $10,000 on landscaping that includes mixed materials and professional design. If you have a smaller space than that, then you have 2 ways to approach landscaping a small backyard.

First, when you have a small space, it will be easier to keep your landscaping budget in check. You can really transform a small backyard landscape without a significant investment by maximizing a combination of perennial flowers, long-lasting xeriscaping elements, and DIY projects. 

And the other way is to spend a good amount of money because you have a small backyard. The space in your backyard is very limited. So high-quality landscaping can make a good impression. Now it is up to you whether you want to save money or create an attractive backyard. But there are also some really good small yard landscaping projects that are sure to surprise you. see some images about Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Inground Pools: pinterest

25 DIY Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Inground Pools

1. Make Use of Vertical Space

You can also look upward. There are so many spaces to work on. Some basic carpentry skills will be enough for it. You can also try DIY tiered garden beds. It will help you to save some space and get much more gardening space without getting into your walkway. If you do not want DIY type, then you can simply buy it from stores.

2. Build In Seating

You will have to keep in mind that you have very limited space. So chairs and also the lounge chairs can eat up a lot of space. Obviously, you do not want to bump into them while roaming around your small yard. To solve this problem, you can do is use built-in seating around the perimeter of the yard itself or of a deck. In this way, you will be able to expand your entertaining space and also you will be able to save a lot of central usable space.

3. Define Spaces With a Floating Deck

There are no rules that you will have to place the deck directly off the house. For a small backyard, you can locate into a small corner. You can go for a floating deck. It will give an illusion of more space. Some chairs and a bistro table will be good enough for a welcoming space to sip morning tea. A hammock can be a good option to add. A simple deck, the 10-by-10-foot deck will cost an average of around $2000 with pressure-treated pine.

4. Take a Second Look at ‘Wasted’ Space

When you are working with a small backyard, every space is important. So if you can make strategies for multipurpose landscaping elements, it would be great. A privacy fence can also work as a vertical garden bed. For your shaded corner water fountain will be the place. There are many more options.

5. Create Terraces for Garden Beds

In a small backyard, you will have to work on every space. You will need a professional landscaper to install the slope on the walls. It will take your gardening to the next level by planting flowers.

6. Design on Inviting Entertaining Space

Sometimes we all want to enjoy home living space in our own backyard. It’s a place where you can hang out. For this place, you will need a level seating area, lighting, and lounge chairs. But if you want to make your backyard a little more attractive you just can simply add a professionally built fire pit or hire an electrician to set up an outdoor television.

7. Install an In-Ground Pool

A big size pool may be out, but you do not have to be upset. But you can treat yourself by giving a nice dip in cool water even in a small backyard. So the first thing is that if your climate is hot and the backyard is small then go for a plunge pool. It will cost you around $20,000 to install a 6 12-foot plunge pool. For steamy summer days, it will be a good investment to make.

8.Complement The Architecture

If you are adding a swimming pool to your backyard make sure it is consistent with the design of your home so that everything goes with a flow and works together.

9. Shrink The Pool

It does not matter whether you have a small backyard. A small pool can also give a majestic look. Just add some dramatic trees and climbing vines.

10. Make Use of The Side Yard

If you do not find space in your small backyard then go beyond it. If you are lucky, you will find some space on the side of the house. It will be a good chance to expand your garden area also add a walkway.

11. Build a Decking Around an In-Ground Spa

According to your weather if you need a hot tub then you can still go for the in-ground route. It will be an advantage for you by building it around the deck. A good amount of space will be saved.

12. Outdoor Kitchen For Entertainment

An outdoor kitchen usually costs you around $13,000. But for your small backyard, it will be in the range of $4,500. It will be beneficial for your outdoor parties.

13. Build an Outhouse

Everybody needs a stylish outhouse. Decorated with some nature-inspired materials. It can be a very good place to meditate.

14. Set Up a Yurt

If you do have that space, set up a yurt. It will be very eye-catching. It will work as a guest room, pool house, or even an outdoor living room.

15. Transform Your Shed Into Studio

If you do work from home or have a creative side to work, you can easily turn your garden shed into a studio.

16. An Outdoor Shower

If your climate is ok for an outdoor shower, you can simply add it in a corner where will get a good amount of sun. It is a special treat for everyone.

17. Optimize Lighting

If you want to enjoy your backyard at night. Then make sure you have a good lighting system in your backyard. For a safe experience make sure you have optimized it.

18. Transform Your Terrace

We all have a rooftop terrace. So if you can not find any more space in your backyard, then your terrace can be a very good place to invest. If you can style it well, something magical you will be able to see. Just by setting up a little sitting area for reading or dining, it will look magical.

19. Make It Kid-Friendly

Take a good look at your backyard. Look for some space where you can set up some twisty water slide, with an epic play structure also plenty of greenery in it. It is actually for a family man.

20. Keep Things Minimalist

We all know less is more. To keep things minimalist, you can go for whitewashing your wood-paneled deck. Also instead of grass keep things tonal with a grave garden. A heat lamp will be good if you bring it out and place it. It will help you to hang out during chiller months.

21. Keep Your Pavilion Open   

A round open roof is a very good option for your backyard to add. It is where you chill and have some fun. It is a place from where you can do your picnic or enjoy the rain or snowfall.

22. A Standout Feature

A chimney will be an amazing option to have. Keep some Chairs and a table tilted at an angle, guests can place themselves near or far from the fire. Because safety first.

23. Hang a Hammock

For your small backyard, it is a very good option to add. You can take the fresh air in style. You can simply hand it in between trees. Throw some pillows and floor cushions for extra seating. Then make it pop with a jute area rug.

24. Build a Tree House

It does not matter if you have a few trees in your backyard, you will have the chance to build a treehouse. It will be very enjoyable for your kids. If you do not want to build an entire house then just go for a banister.

25. Focus on Landscaping

Your backyard is connected to nature most. So keep some open space to reconnect with or enjoy nature. So focus on florals and landscaping instead of saturating with furniture and decor.

Now You understand and Know the all Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Inground Pools.

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