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Baker furniture manufacturing company was started by Seibe Baker and his son Hollis Baker. They dream of establishing a furniture manufacturing company. Today their dream came into real.  High quality and original furniture are manufactured by Baker furniture manufacturing company.  The main characteristic of their furniture is they are nicely designed.  Baker furniture manufacturing company is one of the most famous furniture manufacturing companies in America.

baker modern home furniture

Baker furniture manufacturing company is situated all over the developed world, especially in Canada, USA etc. Now, more than in 50 countries, there are showrooms of Baker furniture manufacturing company.  They have more than 20 owned showrooms.  Some of the stores’ locations are:

  • Baker Pittsburgh: 5608 Walnut Street, Pittsburgh
  • Baker Georgetown: 3330 M Street NW, Washington, D.C
  • Baker Selfridge: 400 Oxford Street, London
  • Baker Birmingham: 34500 Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, Mich.
  • Baker Cincinnati: 2705 Edmundson Road, Norwalk, Ohio

Baker furniture manufacturing company is very popular and No.1 brand in America. It is a well famous manufacturing company in whole USA.  For their finest products , people have a great demand for their products. They take place among the top ten furniture manufacturing companies of world.

Baker furniture manufacturing company’s main products are Benches. Cabinets, chairs, chests, lighting, Nightstands, tables, beds, lounges, desks, etageres, ottomans and stools, sectionals, sideboards, wardrobes,  chaises, recliners, sleepers & futons, Entertainment centers, rockers, coffee and tea tables.

Baker furniture manufacturing company mainly manufacture  Lexicon, Upholstery, Accents, accessories, chairs, Benches, lounges, sectionals, Sofas , loveseats, tables etc. all of their products are Nicely designed and attractive. So they easily attract customers.

Baker furniture manufacturing company has their stores all over the developed countries in the world. More than 20 of their stores are self-owned. Moreover they have many dealership partners. Their products are designed by the top class designers. They have a quick home delivery system. As a result, customers can purchase and get their product at home. They speak in the language of style.

Baker furniture manufacturing company still has some opportunities to increase their business. They can open stores and showrooms in developing and non-developed countries too. They can make dealership partners from whole world. They can speed up their transportation system. They can open showrooms in other continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia.  They can be more helpful and friendly with the customers.

Baker furniture manufacturing company started their business in 1949 in a garage.  Now it became a very big company. They have more than 20 showrooms and stores in USA. They also have stores in developed countries. They have about 1001-5000 employees. The physical size of Baker furniture manufacturing company is 10,000-39999 Sq Ft.

Baker furniture manufacturing company’s main raw materials are timber and veneer. They also use rock crystal, jade, metals, plastic, glass and many other natural materials.

Baker furniture manufacturing company’s best selling products are paramount chair, Mason chair, Abbey chair, Capuchin sofa, Collins sofa, Max sofa,  Huxley loveseat, Huxley sectional,  butter table, cocktail table etc.

The main specialty of Baker furniture manufacturing company’s products are they are well designed, hand polished, attractive, nicely decorated, light, and colorful and they are perfect for home and office.

Baker furniture manufacturing company finishes their products by applying a protective lacquer. It will not need any dusting or care. For this finishing system their products look more gorgeous.

Baker furniture manufacturing company’s products are perfect to increase the beauty of your home and office.

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