Basic Requirements to Establish a Furniture Manufacturing Company

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To establish a new furniture manufacturing company, an entrepreneur needs some basic requirements. Among them 4 things are very important. These are briefly elaborated below:

Basic Requirements of Establishing a Furniture Factory:

1.1.   Technicians: Skilled Technicians are the heart of furniture manufacturing. Without skilled technicians you will never get taste of better finished furniture. Better finishing depends on skilled technicians on furniture manufacturing. You need technicians on various skills. Some are operators, some are carpenters, some are fitters, some are painters, some are machinist and some are maintenance technicians and so on.

<img src="Skilled-Technician.jpg" alt="Skilled Technician"> </img>

1.2.   Machinery: Modern machinery is the strength of better finished furniture manufacturing industry. Without good branded and modern machinery, you cannot reach to your goal. You will never be able to establish good brand furniture manufacturing industry without it. Generally, European machinery (especially, German Machinery) is better for furniture manufacturing industry. You can use Taiwanese machinery also but you should not use Chinese machinery though it is cheaper than others.

1.3.   Work Spaces:  For furniture manufacturing, space is an important factor. If you plan to produce wide varieties of designs, you need more space. Again if you plan to minimize lead time of production or you want to supply your furniture quickly to your valued customer, you need to maintain an inventory level. It depends on product variety and supply period. So enough work space for furniture manufacturing is an important point.

1.4.   Materials: There are a numerous number of raw material used in furniture manufacturing. Toy industry and furniture industry both use numerous numbers of raw materials. In this sense, both industries are similar. Like toy industry; inventory of raw material for furniture manufacturing industry is too much high. The entrepreneur who wants to establish furniture manufacturing industry must consider it.

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