Bassett Furniture – An US Modern Home Furniture Manufacturer

Bassett furniture is one of the modern home furniture manufacturing companies in Virgina. They are producing hand-crafted furniture products for more than a century. Today, Bassett has built a new status of quality tradition furniture that can be completed and distributed in 30 days or less. This company was founded in 1902. J. D. Bassett, Charles C. Bassett, Samuel H. Bassett, and Reed L. Stone were its founder.  They are committed to deliver stylish, unique modern home furniture to the customers.

Bassett furniture company’s headquarter is in Bassett, Virginia. They have more than 100 retail stores in United States.  Their address is 3525 Fairystone Park Hwy, PO Box 626, Bassett, Virginia 24055

Bassett’s combine of fashion, soothe and worth has been believed for more than 100 years and made it one of the most famous brands in America. For their supreme products, people have a great order for their products. They take place among the top furniture companies for their unique products.

Bassett furniture company’s main products are bookcase, fabric sofa, mattresses, leather sofa, computer desk, sleeper sofa, executive desk, cocktail tables, writing desk, coffee and end tables, beds, lamp tables, dressers, chests, nightstands, sofa tables, buffets, servers, sideboards, fabric chair, leather chair, dining table, dining arm chair, dining side chair, fabric sectionals, fabric ottomans, leather sectionals, leather ottomans, leather recliners, curio cabinets, media consoles etc.

Bassett furniture company mainly manufactures Modern Bedroom furniture, Modern dining furniture, Modern living room furniture, media furniture, workspace furniture and many other accessories items.

Bassett furniture company is fanatical about developing fashionable and inventive modern home furniture. They also offer a number of exceptional services to meet customers’ needs.  Their tradition solutions make it simple to put across their unique sense of fashion. They offer a variety of options from which customer selects their desired products. Bassett furniture company is more than a furniture store. Their skilled Design advisors are dedicated to taking the deduction work out of ornamenting. They’ll help make tradition furnishings, describe your decorating way of life, set up a financial plan, make a residence call, or merely offer an outlook…all free of cost.

Bassett furniture company can still make use of some opportunities to enlarge their business. They can tempo up their home release system. They can open stores in expanding and non-expanding countries too. They can make business acquaintances from whole world. They can open booths in other continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia.

Bassett furniture company has more than 100 retail outlets. They have about 1329 employees. Their net income is 980,000$.

Bassett furniture company mainly uses those unprocessed materials which are not harmful for environment. Their main raw materials are cardboard, wood layer, precious stone, emerald, metals, glass and many other natural and chemical materials.

Bassettfurniture company’s best selling products are rectangular dining tables-Warrenton, trestle table- Carmel, dining chest- Palmetto, bureau- Covington, lingerie chest- Louisphileppe,  Media chest- Wakerfield etc.

Bassett furniture company finishes their products with great concern. They can modify customers’ desire and present them their preferred products. They have a large collection of texture systems which make their furniture absolutely delightful.

Bassett furniture company finishes their product by giving manual and automated both lacquering system. As a result, customers get the most desired products from them.

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