Behna bids adieu to your maternal home

The family norm as of now is small and there are families where there are no sisters. Lucky are those who have a sister. Sister can be bothersome and fun also. The relationship is both love and hate but the attachment is intense.  Now it is your marriage it’s time to part and heart-wrenching.  I may not be able to express it in speech but can put down in words or show it through my actions. The experience is both a happy and bitter moment.  I feel sad that she will leave the parental home and visit it like a guest. I remember moments spent in happiness, debates, arguments, quarrels with fond feelings and wish you a wonderful future.

Several women feel very much tensed up because of their blocked emotions at the time of wedding and even later when they become mothers. Aggression may be a way for an outlet. When they get an occasion for social participation, they begin to feel that others are now accepting them. This feeling prepares a way of not being wanted. Assess your sister’s mindset Advise her it is better if they participate in recreational activities. By participation in social activities, their inhibitions start disappearing and a feeling of self-satisfaction develops in her leading to the release of tension and ultimate cure in due course and happy wedded life. In case you get cold feet, you contact me, and we will run away to the parental house. This house is always open for you.


Wedding quotes for sister should wish her a happy married life and tell her how much you are happy about her choice of partner. Wish her a happy married life. You can convey that the little sister has finally found a prince charming. You still remember her as a small girl following you around. Time flies and the kid is now a charming lady. Life has passed like a dream. Best of luck dear sister. Congratulations. Make her aware of her luck. God has blessed you with an ideal partner. Cherish him all your life. Make a conscious effort to make the bond of love grow between you both making it sweeter and stronger. Seeing your face glowing and your eyes full of love I know you are very happy. May this happy feeling last all your life. May you stay blessed all your life. On the lighter side, I know you are a chatterbox and sympathize with your partner. Find a time and enjoy all the chit chat. Shopping abundantly is your weakness. Suppress the feeling of shopping excessively. Save for building a house of your own. You have married a fixed salaried man don’t get bankrupt before the year is over.  One thing I see as a reward is getting the room all for myself. I pray for your successful harmonious married life. I stand smiling with tearful eyes. Distance will keep you apart but, you are snuggled in my heart. My last hug to you will show that. I helped with your toys when the room was to be organized, holding your hair for plaited making, getting you back from school after practice sessions. Now dear hold your bouquet and go happily to your new home. Congratulations.

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