The Best Chitika Alternative – Yllix Ad Media & Its Payment System

Dear my friends, today I want to share a Awesome Ad Publisher site which is the best alternative of Chitika. It is similar to other good ad publishers. See my earning in the last month from this ad media. If you have already banned from Adsense or you are trying for adsense for a long time but not getting so, you can easily use it also to earn from ad publishing.


How To Create an Account in Yllix Ad Media:

To Create an Account in Yllix Ad media, just click on this link YllixAdMedia Or you can open an account from the below banner:


During creating an account in Yllixadmedia , put you real information. Verify your Mobile Number if necessary & give payment information whether you will be paid through Paypal, Payza or Bank Check. It is much better to verify your Address For Bank Payment.

Payment Method of Yllix Ad Media:

01) Paypal (If you have an account)- In some countries like Bangladesh, it is not applicable.

02) Payza (Ex-Alert Pay, if you have an account)

03. Bank  Payment

Minimum Withdraw 1$ but $10 is better for withdrawing.

***To Get Withdraw Money you must be verified through your Mobile Number***

Ad Formats of Yllix Ad Media :

01. Banner Ad Format- 

It has Classic image ad, flash ad, text or an 3rd party ad banner advertisement. It may be CPM, CPC or CPA. You may place up to 3 (three) banner ads in a page.

02. Slider Ad Format- 

Banner format is chosen randomly and you can select 160×600,120×600 sized banner in the left or right sidebar and 300×250 is in the bottom corner of the site.

03. Popup Ad Format-

A new window containing an ad opened in the browser during a visit. It has very interesting CPC. You may use one popup advertisement in a page.

04. Layer Ad Format- 

Layer Ad is an ad which is opened in a new window containing an advertisement over the content of your blog. A Layer ad may be closed by the visitor of your site by clicking a red (X) icon. You may place one layer ad per one page.

05. Fullpage Ad View –

There is a link at which you can redirect your visitors. You may popup it. It has very interesting rates also.

Way To Increase Your Earning:

At first you may get low rate. But if you increase traffic of your blog,then, your account will be premium Account (you will get 20% More Earning) and will get good payment and Services.

Payment Proof of Yllix Ad Media:

Advantages of Yllix Ad Media:

1) Applicable for Any Site

2) No complex policy

3) Earning is similar to Adsense & Chitika

4) Bonus for Active Referral

5) No Problem in Nude Site

6) It can be used in parallel with Chitika, Infolinx etc

7) Minimum payment $1

8) Payment Through Payza & Paypal

Disadvantages of Yllix Ad Media:

1) It cannot be used in parallel with Google Adsense. If you use it with Adsense, there is 100% chance to be banned.

2) If you do not get impression for 7 days at a stretch, your account may be cancelled after giving reminder or may be hold.

So, hurry up ! Don’t delay . Join in (Yllixmedia) just now and then, start to earn money.

I hope you have got enough information regarding Yllixmedia Ad Publishing. If you have further query,kindly make a comment.

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