Billards Pool Games

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Generally billiards/ pool strike the balls in the openings, it’s most likely best to play this one on the PC.

Billards Pool Flash Game: A glance into the history of billards pool games

Back in the early days of the development and growth of the gaming industry, little focus was given to the production and release of sport simulation games. The gaming market was dominated by games belonging to the “fight”, “number”, or “puzzle” genres. With the introduction of sport related arcade games, it was later proven that visual action styled games could actually be launched and played on home computers. And thus, the whole gaming industry revolutionized. The first sports game that appeared in the scene was the mega hit sports simulation game called “Tennis for Two”, released in 1958 by William Higinbotham. After this, a series of sports games followed, launching games on almost every existing sport including car racing, soccer, hockey, etc.

One such sport that was gaining increasing popularity and huge fame across the world was Billiards/Pool. With such significant hype, it was only inevitable for the big gaming companies to set their eyes on this sport and launch a video game on it. The first releases on the billiards pool game genre were for the Odyssey 2, Atari, and Amiga platforms. However, due to these consoles’ limitations, the gameplay could not be made attractive and fun enough to really become a force in the market. As the years went by and the consoles gained in more processing speeds and better graphics, billiards pool games used the mid-tone shading and better camera angles to their advantage to inject the games with a sense of realism and practicality. The later releases of billiard pool titles included tournament matches that made the gamers feel like they are world class super stars playing against other world class superstars.

Of the most famous and most widely played billiard pool games belonging to that era, the ones definitely worth mentioning include “Pocket Billiards” released in 1980, “Billiards” released in 1984, and “Virtual Pool” released in 1999.


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