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Blaze Fast Money Transfer App Bangladesh is the first instant, 24×7, 365 days cross-border money transfer/payment network of Bangladesh.


It provides bank account deposit service to the leading 35 banks (till today, more banks are being added fast) in Bangladesh within less than 5 seconds.


To create Blaze account, you have to verify your Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, or Birth certificate number, and National ID number in real-time for Bangladeshi residents.


Blaze Fast Money Transfer App Bangladesh‘s partners are global digital-only payment platforms that want an easy, fast, and safe way to transact with residents and businesses of one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.


Single API: 100% payment coverage via single API.

Every person can be KYC’ed: Every person can be KYC’ed from an authentic government source.

Direct FX: Direct FX from the bank.

Support: 24×7 support.

Deep relationships: Deep relationships and market knowledge.


Any Bank Account: Users can send funds to any Bank account in Bangladesh. Some of the biggest banks support instant deposits while others take a day.

Any Mobile Number: There are more than 159 million + smartphones in the country. You can send money to any mobile phone just within few seconds! It is really a unique facility that will make your service stand out.

Any Bangladeshi ( eKYC): You have to verify, authenticate, and fully KYC any Bangladeshi citizens/residents for quick onboarding into your platform or to ensure compliance during payout.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blaze App Bangladesh:

Is Blaze a remittance app? Can I download it anywhere?

-No, Blaze Fast Money App BD is not a remittance app. It is just a service that connects global remittance companies with more than 35 banks in Bangladesh. Once you are connected, money can be sent to Bangladesh within 5 seconds just. Blaze Money Transfer App runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring seamless financial service at your fingertips.

I’m Probashi/expatriate, how can I use Blaze service now?

– We are extending our partnership with global remittance companies/services.
Currently, you can use:

Xoom (a paypal service):
Taptap send:,

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What if my remittance company is not Blaze App enabled?

– You can use Blaze apps above or also you may request your remittance company to contact Blaze to use the Blaze App BD service.

What remittance companies are going to be supported by Blaze App?

– Blaze is constantly extending its partnership with the leading remittance platforms. It is currently working with Xoom, a PayPal service. The list is growing as Blaze App is integrating with many popular payment services. Please keep an eye on Blaze’s Official Website and social media to get live updates.

I’m a local Bangladeshi bank, I want to connect to Blaze App Bd. What should I do?

Blaze Money App BD is very easy to integrate. Please email at [email protected] or contact through the website. Our technical team will provide you necessary supports for the integration process.

Blaze Money App Bangladesh Announcement by Sajib Wazed Joy

Blaze Fast Money Transfer App Bangladesh

News on Blaze Fast Money Transfer App Bangladesh Launching by Sajeeb Wazed Joy:

Bangladeshi expatriates living in several countries of the planet will now be ready to send money range in just five seconds through Blaze, the country’s first cross-border payment network.

Bangladeshi expatriates living in several countries of the planet will now be ready to send money range in just five seconds through the Three organizations-Sonali Bank, HomePay HomePay; and ITCL has taken the initiative to work the Blaze service, creating a scope for the expatriates to send money range in five seconds x 7/24.

Prime Minister’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy formally inaugurated the service because the chief guest through a virtual function chaired by Sonali Bank Limited chairman Ziaul Hasan Siddiqui.

State Minister for ICT Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Bangladesh Bank&rsquo’s deputy governor Ahmed Jamal, Sonali Bank Limited CEO & director Ataur Rahman Prodhan, ITCL MD & CEO Dr Kazi Saifuddin Munir and HomePay CEO Rubel Ahsan also spoke at the programme.

Addressing the programme, Sajeeb Wazed said the Awami League government’s next dream is to create a cashless society within the days to return.

“ Launching Blaze Fast Money Transfer App BD Service is a component of that Dream.”

He said many of us within the country don’t have bank accounts as they completely depend upon cash money. “ But the cash money is often stolen and looted anytime. There’s also scope for corruption in cash transactions. When we’ll move to a cashless society, the scope for corruption is going to be reduced.”

Sajeeb said the government’s biggest earning source is that remittance. “Our wage earners send money to their relations monthly either by banking or remittance centres. But they will avail of the bank services five days every week from 9am to 5pm and it takes some more days to succeed in the cash home.  There’s no reason for having such a limitation during this digital era. That’s why we launched the Blaze Money App Bangladesh service.”

He said the expatriates are going to be ready to send money anytime any day within five seconds without going to any banking or remittance centre. “Our dream is that each financial transaction in Bangladesh is going to be cashless. People will keep the cash in their mobile phones and transfer it from there. this is often a subsequent step of Digital Bangladesh.

Future Bangladesh is going to be cashless and fully digital and a developed one within 10-20 years.” Sajeeb Wazed urged all the banks to urge connected with the Blaze Fast Money Transfer App service in order that the expatriates can send money to any bank in Bangladesh from anywhere with no hassle.

Blaze Fast Money Transfer App BD

This is often special news for expatriate Bangladeshis. From now on, expatriates from any part of the planet can send money to Bangladesh in only 5 seconds. the cash earned by expatriates is often sent to Bangladesh any day, anytime, anywhere within the world.

This money is going to be sent to the banking channel by applying the digital method. In real-time, the cash is going to be easily transferred to the recipient’s account in Bangladesh. The special service was inaugurated on Tuesday by Sajeeb Wazed Joy, IT Adviser to the Prime Minister. This service is often availed through Blaze Platform’s website or app. Sonali Bank, HomePay, and ITCL are implementing this special initiative.

Blaze Money Transfer App Bangladesh

Blaze Fast Money Transfer App BD will be found here. you’ll find us here as soon as this app is published. it’s known that this app is going to be published very soon. After the app is published, you’ll know the small print about the app on our site.

The country’s largest bank Sonali Bank and digital payment network HomePay are launching a replacement service called ‘Blaze’. The technology is going to be provided by Information Technology Consultant Limited or ITCL. Through this service, Sonali Bank will deliver the cash sent to the expatriates from any part of the planet to their relatives within the country in only five seconds.

Blaze Fast Money Transfer App BD Install

Blaze Fast Money Transfer App BD Install will find here. you’ll install the Blaze app from the Google Play Store. However, there are other apps with this name within the Play Store, so you’ve got to put in the app after watching.

Blaze Fast Money Transfer App BD News will find here. About one and a half crore Bangladeshis in several countries of the planet send remittances. Which plays a really important role within the economy of the country. In all, the contribution of remittances to the GDP of Bangladesh is about 12 percent.

And these remittances are available in two ways. involves the country through hundi and banking channels. Remittances come to the country through seven state-owned banks and 40 private banks from around the world. aside from this, some remittances also come through nine foreign banks. it’s known that the majority of the remittances come through Sonali Bank among the govt banks.

So I feel now you recognize more about Blaze Money Transfer App Bangladesh news. Thanks for reading my article about Blaze Money Transfer App BD Stay well. Have a pleasant day! Enjoy Blaze!

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