Blogger’s Checklist to Boost Up Blog Traffic

Every Blogger has a specific vision and that is to get sufficient traffic though somebody might have different views. Somebody wants traffic to earn money and somebody wants traffic to be popularized and some others want traffic to enjoy himself. But in every case, the main objective of the blogging is to get traffic. Without traffic, blogging is meaningless. I have made a checklist for all of the bloggers so that they can follow it during blogging. It would help him to get huge traffic to his blog.

Blogger’s Checklist to Enhance Traffic:

1) Write Good Quality Unique Content at first.

2) Give an attractive unique Title of your blog or post

3) Use Sharing Tools under your blogs or contents so that visitor can share it to his social networks if he/she likes.

4) Build Up a Twitter Page in Your Blog Name

5) Share Your Every Post Updates to That Twitter Page, You can use Automatic sharing of your content on Twitter by using Plugins.

6) Open A Fan Page in Facebook in your Blog’s Name

7) Increase your likes of your Facebook Fan Page

8) Link to your blog on Facebook Fan Page, Share Your All Post Updates on Facebook Page. You can use Automatic sharing of your content on facebook page by using Plugins.

9) Build Up an email subscribers list from the day one

10) Ensure you have a LinkedIn sharing button under your post as there are over 230 million users

11) Include also a Google+ sharing button even though if you don’t use it regularly (Noted that there are over a billion people)

12) Make it easy for the visitor to share your image content with a Pinterest sharing button

13) Provide an incentive for the visitor to subscribe to your blog by offering a free eBook or any other else in exchange for their email address and name

14) Put an email subscriber box in the top prominent position

15) Use an RSS feed option in your blog

16) Link to your blog or posts URL to your YouTube videos and channel –it is good tools to get traffic now.

17) Do guest blogging in popular blogs

18) Make Comment on other blogs (related to your blogs) and Reply regularly on comments on your blog posts

19) Your blog template should be responsive. Ensure that your blog can be easily gone through on mobile devices

20) Optimize (On-page-optimization or off-page-optimization) Your Blogs by using an SEO plugin such as WordPress SEO (Also known as SEO Yoast)

21) Write sub-titles with related (main) keywords in your posts to optimize on-page-SEO

22) Use alt image tags in your blog contents for SEO

23) Publish new posts regularly (at least once in a week)

24) You can place a Facebook ad which drives traffic to your blog

25) Use an SEO friendly platform for blogging like “Joomla”,”WordPress”, “Drupal” etc

26) Link to your blog URL in your email signature

27) Join Facebook groups related to your blogs and participate regularly

28) Submit your favorite posts to Reddit regularly

29) Submit your favorite articles on Stumbleupon

30) Take photos with Instagram and share them on your Facebook and Twitter page

If you can follow above check list during blogging and after blogging , you would definitely see the result soon.

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