Brazil Will Win FIFA World Cup 2014 Trophy – Snail Zico

Spain will win the World Cup 2010“- Greek Octopus ‘Paul’ became a Hero as well as an Star by predicting that. Now-a-days, a lot of efforts are ongoing to get prediction from other animals regarding the world cup 2014. Somebody is trying to get prediction from Elephant, some others are trying to collect prediction from other animals. One World Cup 2014 fan has already collected prediction from an elephant “Neli”. It (Neli) has indicated that Brazil will win the World Cup Football Trophy 2014.

This time, a Snail “Zico” has predicated that Brazil will win the FIFA World Cup Trophy 2014 in this year When some papers (Country Name Written) were kept in an open field in a circle, a Snail  was kept in the middle of the circle. After that, that Snail stood on the Brazil written paper. In several different ways, that snail was kept in the circle and the snail Zico stood on the Brazil written paper every time.

Snails were adopting different approaches for testing again and again. But result was same all time. Every time, the Snail stood on the Brazil name written paper in the rush of all papers. Like Octopus ‘Paul’, Snail Ziko would become famous again ! – It is the main issue now.

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