Bumper Sales of Furniture Companies of Bangladesh in DITF-2014

Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing Companies are using the ongoing DITF-2014 to display their new developed furniture to reach out to the local customers in a wide range. It looks like the customers are awaiting for DITF (Dhaka International Trade Fair) to select their furniture for their home & office. There are a wide varieties of new designs of different brand furniture companies displayed in this fair. Today, Mr. Ashok Kumar, Sales Manager of Partex Furniture told that about 70-80% designs are new in Partex Furniture Showroom at DITF and people are very happy with those new designs. He has also added that they have been getting good response from the customers regarding those new designs. Some designs are very exclusive to look. Again he told that Partex Furniture is offering 18% discount (flat) on their all categories of furniture except sheet metal furniture.

On the other hand, Hatil Furniture, the another giant furniture manufacturing company has introduced some new contemporary designs of Lobby Chair, Sofa, Executive Table, Dining Sets, TV cabinetetc in DITF. They are offering discount on their all furniture from 5% to 15%. They are the Co-organizer of DITF-2014 in association with the commerce ministry. “Hatil is the first furniture company in Bangladesh who has introduced bent wood furniture”, said Firoz-Al-Mamun, Head of Sales, Hatil Furniture.


Akhtar Furniture, another big wooden furniture company, a sponsor of DITF-2014, introduced some new designs also. “We have three to four new designs in each categories of furniture”, said Mr. Tajul Islam, DGM (Sales). They are offering discount also in their all furniture for DITF-2014.

An executive of Navana Furniture said that most of their furniture was new. He also said “”You will not get any of these new designs in our outlets across the country right now.”

It is similar for Nadia Furniture and Brothers Furniture. These two companies are also showcasing their new antique furniture in their DITF pavilion.


Other than wooden furniture manufacturing companies, there are some plastic furniture companies available in DITF-2014. They have a big collection also in parallel with plastic household products. The DITF’s major & big plastic furniture companies are RFL Plastics and Bengal Plastics.

At the beginning of the fair, there was a sluggish sale of furniture but now-a-days, it is increasing gradually and it goes top in the holidays (especially, in Friday & Saturday)

Mr. Hossain of Brothers Furniture said, “The furniture sales are little bit good in spite of the poor presence of visitors and our company has no target for the fair also”.

Mr. Sujit Chakraborty of Partex Furniture said the same. He also said, “Response of Partex Furniture is very good and we are getting work orders from outside of Dhaka’s customers”.

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