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How to Care Your Hair with Cocacola?

Have you ever heard that you can take care your hair with Cocacola? Yes, you can. You can wonderfully take care of your hair by using USA Cocacola. Buy, how? And, Do you know what happens if you rinse your hair with coke?

Coke is great for hair, especially for thin hair. Coke to clean the dirt from the inside of the car is cleaning the bathroom! What is the answer? However, coke can be used to wash the hair!

According to the Huffington Post, blogger Elako saundaryabisayaka posted a video on his blog. Studies where he has washed her hair with coke. The video has become more popular. What makes this more interesting is the fact she did not believe this herself. However, she decided to test this technique. She was amazed with the results.

Suu Kyi has been inspired oyatarahausake Elako at the super model. Suu Kyi, a weekly newspaper in the UK said, he sometimes used his own hair and soft drinks to wash her hair as a result of the lukai changed. Suu Kyi said in this regard, “it seems as though the hair is so ugly that I am from Amazon or somewhere else.”

See Video of take care your hair with Cocacola

Suu Kyi, is quite satisfied with the Elakoo wash hair with coke. Elako said Coke has strengthened her hair. “I’ll definitely do this again.” Elako said.

But Suu Kyi and elakoi just did not do this. Seventeen magazine, such a study was published last month. However, the results were mixed.

Some of the coke in their hair, or the method of their choice and others have been strengthened, but the hair all the time, they do not use coke. Coca-Cola between the shampoo and they did not find much difference.

However, the use of coke after the crew realizes that evil is good. Then wash the hair with coke again today, do not delay See what happens?

She noticed a difference after she finished hair rinsing. Actually, her hair was a lot wavier than usual. She decided not to brush her hair so she would not spoil the effect.  As Elako explains, you can blow dry your hair or let it dry naturally. Elako decided to use her hair drier. Elako liked the way her hair looks in the very first minute of the drying process.

When she has finished drying, she was so fascinated. Her hair had an incredible volume and it was a lot softer than usual.

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