Amazon has €250m ‘back taxes’ overturned in court


Amazon has won a court battle over €250m (£215m) in taxes it had been ordered to pay Luxembourg. The European Commission had ordered the tech giant to repay the funds as back taxes, alleging that Amazon had been given unfair special treatment. But the EU’s General Court overturned that order, finding it had been given … Read more

How to make Portland Cement (Step by Step Process)

portland cement making

A cement is a binder or, a substance that sets and hardens and can bind other materials (concretes, stones, sands, etc) together. It is the basic ingredient of construction and widely used as primary construction material. It is a very sensitive ingredient. As it has the ability to enhance the viscosity of concrete, which provides … Read more

UL Certified Partex Fire Door | The Only One UL Certified Fire Door Made in Bangladesh

partex fire door

Partex Fire Door is the Only One UL Certified – Made in Bangladesh Fire Door. Partex Says: [quote]We are proud to introduce our new line of UL Certified Fire Doors which are rated for 120min of fire resistance. We are ready to serve our customers by providing Fire Door solutions of the best quality at … Read more

Upcoming iPhone 7 and its Brilliant Features

Apple is going to release their next-generation iPhone (iPhone 7) soon. Currently apple’s flagship iPhone are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s plus. Here I shall give you huge information regarding upcoming iPhone 7 and its features. The next iPhone will be iPhone 7. It is including new iPhone design with addition of new brilliant features … Read more

Partex UL Certified Fire Retardant Door Now in Bangladesh

Partex Fire Doors

It is a great news that Partex Furniture has got the UL certificate for manufacturing & selling of Fire Retardant Door. The fire-resistant door from the Partex Furniture Bangladesh has been approved in accordance with the US standards, developed, tested and licensed this flush-closing steel-plate door entirely in accordance with US rules and standards. As a … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Release Soon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 release soon. Good news. Samsung is going to introduce a new smart phone Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 which is the lightest and thinnest tablets it has ever produced. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 measure 5.6mm thin and weigh 265g. This model come with a touch-enabled fingerprint scanner built … Read more

Google’s First Apps for Apple Wrist Watch

1st apps for apple wrist watch

Google has entered the battle for the granting of applications for Apple Wrist Watch and they recently released an updated version of iOS news and weather app, which is compatible with the Smart Watch. The first application of Google to Apple, clock – Google News and weather – which was previously available for smart phones … Read more

Future Samsung Galaxy Gear

Recently Samsung has been developed a new smart wrist watch cum smart phone which is Samsung Galaxy Gear Wrist Watch. It is a flexible mobile phone can be used as a wrist watch. It is multi-functional. This Future Samsung Galaxy Gear will be released on September 2015. Its patent has already been released. It has … Read more

Latest News: Nokia Releases New Tablet PC “N1”

Nokia Tab n1

Many people thought that the era of Nokia mobile phone will be ended after including into Microsoft. It was actually a misconception and it is now proven. Nokia has come again with new set of Microsoft. Nokia phones have been added to the basic tradition of social networking applications. NDTV reports the Nokia new gimmicks’ … Read more

New Invention of Google – Stick Computer Chromebit

Everyday some new things are being discovered. As the pursuit of bringing new things, Google is bringing a new gimmick Stick computer in the market. This is similar to a stick or a small rod or a pen drive. This product will be required to connect via USB to any display to use as a … Read more

Export Quality Wooden Chair Manufacturing Process

Chair is an important furniture in your life style either it is for your office or home. It may be dining chair, bedroom chair, visitor chair, office chair, garden chair, waiting chair etc. Some chair may be made of Wood and some may be made of mixed of wood & upholstery, again, some may be … Read more

UV Line of Hatil Furniture

Right now, Hatil Furniture is the number 1 wooden furniture manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Hatil Furniture has introduced contemporary and ultra-modern wooden slim furniture first time in Bangladesh. Hatil’s popular slogan is “Slim is SMART”. Most of their furniture is slim and thin but strong enough. They usually use North American Red Oak Wood and … Read more

Strange Wood Bending Technique

Wood Bending Technique is now a very popular technique in furniture manufacturing world. There are numerous ways of bending wood for the purpose of furniture manufacturing. Bent wood furniture is very popular furniture now-a-days and it is very profitable furniture business. But selection of wood bending technique is very important. You can bend wood by … Read more

Wood Bending by Chemical Softening

Did you hear about wood bending without steam or with chemical? Today, I will discuss about wood bending tricks with chemical for furniture manufacturing industries. A lot of renowned contemporary furniture manufacturing companies are using these confidential tricks. Every company is using his own confidential tricks. They never share it to anybody. But I will … Read more

Kerfing Wood Bending Method

Kerfing wood bending method is also a very easy method of wood bending. Generally, in this wood bending method, saw kerf (cut) operation is executed on the inner surface of the wood which to be bent. The method for this kerfing wood bending is a relation between the thickness of the wood, the curvature ‘R’ … Read more

Veneer Wood Bending Method-Laminated Bending

Veneer Wood Bending Method

Veneer Wood Bending Method is a popular woodbending method in the world. It is also known as Laminating Wood Bending Method. It is the easiest wood bending method. In this method, you need some sized wood veneer, glue, template/mold and some clamps. At first, take some sized wood veneers. Veneers should be in same sizes. … Read more

Various Ways of Wood Bending for Furniture Manufacturing

From a long period ago, wood bending is one of the important methods used in the wood processing. Wood bendingis particularly special but not actually a difficult technique. Some of the classic examples of wood bending are boat, barrel and container. In Western Europe, this technique has been being used for a long instance in … Read more

Furnitex Board May Be the Best Alternative of Veneer Board

furnitex board

Do you know about what the Furnitex board is? Furnitex Board means a special type of Partex Veneer Board which is mainly used for making modern home and office furnture. It is a great innovation of Partex Furniture. It is an exceptional type of veneer board. FurnitexBoard has five layers. See the below pictures to … Read more