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Century furniture manufacturing company is a strong company which offers much customization in upholstery and case goods. They do extremely well at achieving European style having strong transitional collections.  They started their business in 1947. Harley Ferguson Shuford, Sr was the founder of this company. By his hard efforts, Century furniture has evolved into the most respected name in the home furnishing history. Century furniture manufacturing company provides furniture of crafted luxury and gorgeous design and quality. They also provide legendary service to the customers. Their pledge and loyalty can be seen in every piece of their furniture.

Century furniture manufacturing company is a family owned company which is located in Hickory, North Carolina. They maintain headquarters and a faculty in Hickory. Their contact number is 800-852-5552.

Century Furniture manufacturing company achieved the status of “The Best” Furniture Company.  They got various prizes for their remarkable products. Some of their awards are ASFD presents 2012 Pinnacle Awards, made in America Award 2011, ASFD presents 2010 Pinnacle awards, and ASFD presents 2009 Pinnacle awards, 2009 AHFA Sage Award Finalist and many more.

Century furniture manufacturing company’s main products are mirrors, side tables, lighting, Beds, sectionals, lounges, Nightstands, Benches. Cabinets, chairs, chests, tables, desks, ottomans and stools, sideboards, wardrobes,  chaises, recliners, sleepers, futons, Entertainment centers, rockers, coffee and tea tables, book cases etc.

Century  furniture manufacturing company mainly manufacture upholstery, tables, loveseats, sofas, sectionals, benches, sofas, lounges, accents, accessories, lexicon and many other lighting.  All of their products are satisfactorily planned and eye-catching. So they easily create a center of attention among clients.

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Century furniture manufacturing company has more than nine hundred associates. All of their employees are very friendly with the customers. They have the ability to customize whatever customers’ desire. They have more than 200 leathers, fabrics and trims. They have the most experienced artisans and craftsmen. Each piece of their furniture is made by most enthusiasm and obligation. Their environment policy is the main element of their business strategy.  They committed to diminish their impact on atmosphere by maintenance, recycling and smart design. Their furniture is of such excellent quality which will last for generations. More over, they give more priority to the health of their associates and customer.

They can still utilize some opportunities to increase their business. They can speed up their home delivery system. They can open stores and showrooms in rising and non-rising countries too. They can make dealership associates from whole world. They can open stalls in other continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia.

Century furniture manufacturing company gets inspired from astonishing furniture, painstaking design, superb décor and nice fabrics. That’s why their furniture inspire customer. For reliable quality and business veracity this company is world famous. They offer 30 exclusive collections of furniture, 6o different concluding options and more than 2000 textile options.

Century furniture manufacturing company mainly uses those raw materials which are not harmful for environment. Century furniture manufacturing company’s main raw materials are lumber layer, rock gemstone, emerald, metals, plastic, glass and many other natural materials.

Century furniture manufacturing company’s best selling products are Century round dining table, double legs dining table, pedestal  dining table, panel bedroom set, portfolio bedroom set etc.

Century furniture manufacturing company finishes their each piece of product with great care. They can customize customers’ desire and offer them their desired products. They have more than 2000 texture systems which make their furniture totally charming.

Century furniture manufacturing company provides more than 50 finishing systems. As a result, customers’ get their most desired items in the perfect finishing system.

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