Chinese Patrol Ship Looking for the missing Air Jet MH370 Detects Signal

The Chinese State news agency reported that on Saturday, in the south Indian Ocean, A Chinese patrol ship looking for missed Malaysian Airlines flight No. MH-370 has detected a pulse signal with the frequency of 37.5 kHz/S.

37.5 kHz/S is currently the international standard of frequency for the searching underwater locator beacon on a plane’s “black box”. Xinhua said that Haixun one picked up the signal on around 25 deg south lat and 101 deg east longitude.  It has yet to be settled if it is related to the missing air jet MH370.

Xinhua also told that a Chinese air force plane found a number of white floating substances in the midth of area.

(It is reported by Benjamin Kang Lim))

Source: BEIJING (Reuters)

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