Cloudflare Setup: How to connect a Website to Cloudflare Cdn in 2021

Hey! guys Do you want to get traffic to your website? Do you want to earn more money? In this position, you should be optimizing your website speed. You need a Cdn network. You need to know about the Cloudflare Setup process. I know that you are finding the best solution to improve user experience and increase website speed. Today, I will give you full solution about how to connect a Website to Cloudflare Cdn in 2021 and improve the page speed using Cdn.

Before starting To Cloudflare Setup I suggest you to read some article like these:

If you read these article’s , It will help you. Ok I am sharing the full tutorial about How to connect a Website to Cloudflare Cdn in 2021?


Do you know How to Create a Cloudflare account?

Follow some simple steps….

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Email address and Password.
  3. Click Create Account.

Now your account is created.

How to add a domain to Cloudflare?

Log in to your Cloudflare account.

2. Click on Add site from the top navigation bar.

3. Enter your website’s root domain and then click Add Site. For example, if your website is, type

4. Cloudflare attempts to automatically identify your DNS records. This process takes approximately 60 seconds to complete.

5. Click Next.

 Select a plan level for Cloudflare Setup

7. Click Confirm in the Confirm Plan window that appears.

8. Review whether all DNS records were identified in the DNS query results window.

  • Manually add missing DNS records
  • Decide which subdomains enable Cloudflare security and performance features or bypass Cloudflare. security and performance features or bypass Cloudflare.

 Click Continue.

10. Copy the 2 Cloudflare nameservers displayed and click Continue.  Mind it Your name server should be correctly connected to Cloudflare.

To finish domain setup and activate your domain on Cloudflare, change your domain nameservers to Cloudflare.

Your Cloudflare Setup process is completed now

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