Dewanbaghi’s Real Face Exposed – Fished all over the country!

At last, Dewanbaghi Exposed! Fished all over the country! Many of you may have heard the name of the conference of World Askeke Rasul !!! The name of the vondo is at Mahbub-E-Khoda. He is renowned as Dewanbagi everywhere at all levels.

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Dewanbaghi was born in 27 Augrahayon 1365 Bangla year in accordance with the 14th Dec 1949 English year. His father was Syed Sardar Abdur Rashid and Mother Reshma Khatoon. He has Six brothers and two sisters.

He is the youngest brother in his family. Deoyanabaghi participated in the war of liberation in 1971. After independence, he took a job of Imamoti in Army’s No. 15 Bengal Regiment with the recommendation of the commander of Sector 3 – Shafiullah.

What we should do for the vondo Dewanbaghi! Keep people far from his devil’s acts. Keep awareness against his acts.

See Details in Native Language from the video to Understand Clearly:

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