Diana Bedroom Set of Partex Furniture

Partex Furniture has a lot of unique designs designed by in-house architects and designers. Among them, “Princess Diana Bedroom Set” is one of the best designs. It looks awesome. It is a popular bedroom set in the Partex Furniture home furniture series. Its bed is fully handcrafted.

The key specialty of this Diana Design Bedroom Set is the beauty of the bed and dressing table. It is so beautiful that cannot be expressed in any language. The person who has a great interest in his/her home improvement & stylish as well as love solid wooden furniture can undoubtedly buy Stylish Partex Home Furniture Princess Diana Bedroom Set. It is mainly made of Matured Mahogany Wood and Furnitex Board.

Specifications of Partex Furniture Diana Queen Bed:

  • Head Part and Leg part are made of local matured mahogany timber and Furnitex Board.
  • Side Links (Haisha) are made of 160mm width Veneered Board and local matured mahogany wood.
  • Horizontal part (Pataton of Bed) is made of 18mm commercial plywood.
  • There are two MS links to support horizontal part of this bed. One link is called “Dasha of Bed” or “Middle Haisha” and other link is called “Cross link”. Middle Haisha is used to support horizontal part (Pataton) of this bed and cross link is used as a tie between two side links

Specifications of Partex Furniture Diana Night Stand:

  • All parts (horizontal, vertical, drawer units) are made of 17mm Furnitex Board.
  • It has two drawer units.

Specifications of Princess Diana Two Door Cupboard:

  • All parts (horizontal, vertical, drawer units and door) are made of 17mm Furnitex Board.
  • Solid Matured Mahogany Wood is used in the wooden part of the cupboard.
  • Its doors are hand crafted.

Specifications of Princess Diana Dressing Table:

  • All parts (horizontal, vertical, drawer units etc) are made of 17mm Furnitex Board. At the bottom, there are four legs made of  local matured mahogany timber.
  • There is 4mm thick mirror in the dressing mirror unit.
  • Attractive Elliptical shape in the dressing mirror.
  • There are six drawers and two are hand crafted.

Sizes of Princess Diana Design Bedroom Set:

  • Double Size Princess Diana Design Bed :                 W-63” X D84” X H-40”
  • Queen Size Princess Diana Design Bed:                   W-69” X D84” X H-40”
  • King Size Princess Diana Design Bed:                       W-75” X D84” X H-40”
  • Princess Diana Night Stand:                                         W-16” X D18” X H-20”
  • Princess Diana Design Two Door Cupboard:           W-39” X D22” X H-72”
  • Princess Diana Dressing Table:                                    W-47” X D16” X H-72”

If you want to buy Princess Diana Design Bedroom Set (100 No. Bedroom Set), please, contact with the following contact persons of Partex Furniture:

  • Mr. AKM Nazir, DGM (Sales) (Mobile: +8801713-093554)
  • Mr. Mojammel Hossain (Sr. Manager, Export Division) (Mobile: +8801713367250)
  • Mr. Abdul Hannan, AGM (Sales) (Mobile: +8801713479781)

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