‘Do a Barrel Roll’ is Google’s Latest Loony Easter Egg

Google’s search results page does a barrel roll!
Google has been known to mix things up with its experimental Google Drawings project, but this time they have gone one step further and created an interactive design. Enter the query “Do An Internet Meme” into your favorite browser or operating system (I’d recommend Chrome) while browsing through all of these new potential internet classics like; Grumpy Cat Doing her Most Disgruntled Caturday Yet!, Dance Revolution 2016.

In the game, Barrel Roll is an easter egg where players can win extra lives and hidden power-ups by clearing levels. The name of this trick comes from Star Fox 64 – one of Nintendo’s first scrolling shooter games on their newest console which was released in 1997 with a similar mechanic to get more points than usual while playing through each stage without dying; there are barrel rolls involved!

A barrel roll is a maneuver in which the player spins their plane 360 degrees. The move has become something of an internet meme and it can be seen by typing “Z or R twice” into Google search, according to Nintendo game Star Fox team member Peppy Hare who instructs protagonist pilot Fox McCloud on how to perform this feat during one mission called “The Great Maze.”

Do a barrel roll 2 times” is trending on Twitter, naturally.

“I want to do a barrel roll on every page on the Internet,” wrote Twitter user Michael Litman.

And Twitter user “The Tanooki” tweeted: “Channel your inner Peppy: Tell Google to ‘Do a barrel roll!’”