Easy Bookmarking Tricks into Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is a popular link building techniques of a site or blog in off-page SEO. It is a easy link building technique if you know it. To accomplish bookmarking job, you need not know good English language. If you have little knowledge on English language you can easily do it. But in the other off page SEO, in most cases, you should know English language well.

Say, an example, if you do not know English language well, you cannot do forum posting well. During forum posting, you must understand the discussion from the forum site to give a reply or to post new one to obtain reply from others. But in social bookmarking, you may not have knowledge on English language well. In freelancing sites, especially in oDesk, there are a lot of jobs on social bookmarking and it is the easiest job in SEO job category. Fresher can easily start. But he should know well about some tricks to do well in bookmarking job. Today, I will let you know how to bookmark a site or blog’s URL in an easy way. Follow the below steps in step by step.

  1. At first, go to a bookmarking site (say an example: http://newsmeback.com/)
  2. Register into this site by using your User Name, Password and a valid Email Address. Fill up the register form and click on “Register”. See the below image to get clear idea of registering.
  3. After that you will get a confirmation link in your email inbox. From your email, you have to click on that link for confirmation of your registration.
  4. After confirmation of your registration, you have to log in/sign in to this bookmarking site by using your recently generated User name and Password.
  5. After logging in to this site, click on “Submit the News” or “Submit URL” or “Add URL” or “Add New” tab to start bookmarking task.
  6. After that you will see the following window where you have to put your URL (of which you want to bookmark) and click on “Continue” tab to continue that bookmarking task.
  7. After that, you will see the following window/form to fill up necessary information. Just fill up “Category” through selection from a list, fill up “Tags”/important/focused keyword/main keyword of the URL/site of which you are bookmarking, fill up “Description” to describe about the site or site’s URL, fill up “Captcha” and finally click on “Preview and Submit” tab to complete your bookmarking.
  8. Then you will see the following window. In this window, you have to click on “Submit News” or “Submit” tab to complete your social bookmarking in this bookmarking site for your site’s bookmarking.

That’s all. You have bookmarked already! It is a Easy Bookmarking Tricks into Social Bookmarking Sites. I hope you have clearly understood from this post how to bookmark easily into social bookmarking sites to create your site’s back link. If you like it, please, share it to your friends.

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