Easy Way of Panel Furniture Manufacturing

Panel Furniture is manufactured through a few specific operations. These operations are also depending on classification of furniture manufacturing. It has fewer operations than wooden furniture manufacturing operations. Anybody who has less capital or wants to establish a furniture manufacturing company with a few investments can easily establish panel furniture manufacturing company. Mostly office furniture is manufactured with Panel Board. It is very easy. You need a small sized board cutting machine, a manual edge banding machine and a small boring machine just. These machines may cost about USD 12000-15000.00 only. It requires small space also. Here, I have discussed on how to manufacture panel furniture in easy way and with small investment.

  • Panel Board Cutting/Profiling: Panel Board (Melamine Faced Chipboard) is cut with the help of Panel Saw/Cutting Saw/ Sliding Table Saw machine as per required sizes. Required sizes are generated from the drawing of panel furniture (Specific products, say, Table, Bed, etc). Profiling is done with the help of Hand Tools (Hand Router) where profile shape is available in design. You can use CNC Router machine, if you have enough investment capacity.
  • Double End Tenoning or DET Operation: After cutting from Panel Saw machine, most of the parts may be required to do DET operation to get 100% rectangular shape and smooth edge finishing. It is done with the help of DET Machine. Through this DET machine or DET operation, grooving and molding of furniture parts are also accomplished. From the below picture, you can see the output of DET operations (Molded Parts of Timber/Board). If you want, you can ignore this operation. Most people who have invested small amount, do not perform this operation.

  • Edge Banding Operation/Edging: Edging operation is performed with the help of Straight/Profile Edge Bander machine (as per necessity). In this operation, PVC Edging is used. You can easily use only Profile Edge Bander to perform this operation (in case of both straight and profile parts of panel). For the small amount invested entrepreneur, only profile edging machine is OK.
  • Boring & Drilling Operation: It is done in specific location of the Panel Parts as per drawing. It is done with the help of Boring Machine/Multi-Head Boring Machine. It is mandatory for Knock Down furniture manufacturing.
  • Assembling Operation: In this operation, assembling is done for testing from a batch whether boring of all parts are OK or not. In some cases, some components (Drawer Slides etc) are assembled in the factory so that fitters can easily assemble those products at customer’s site. In case of some custom product, full assembling is done in the factory.
  • Packing Operation: Parts of the furniture are organized well and cleaned well in the floor to do packing operation. Then, Parts of the products are put into one or more packet (as per necessity). One furniture products may have more than one packet. Assembling instruction sheet is also given into the packet so that a fitter can assemble easily at customer’s site. Kit Packet or Hardware/Components packet is also inserted into the packet.
  • Delivery after Furniture Manufacturing: Finished Panel furniture is loaded into vehicles/containers according to customer’s demand/order. These containers are then shipped out through vehicles or shipped to different customers of all over the country/world.

These above operations are mainly performed in Panel Furniture Manufacturing process. In the processes, there may be left a few small operations. I have ignored it to avoid process criticalities. I have mainly discussed here on major furniture manufacturing operations of panel furniture so that anybody can establish a panel furniture manufacturing company in easy way.

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