Essential Tips for Gaining Muscle

When it comes to building muscles, individuals need to maintain a positive energy balance. It implies that you should consume more than you burn. If you want to gain a pound of muscle, ensure you take in at least 2800 calories (mostly protein) supported by strength training. There are numerous methods to improve muscle mass, and diet is one of the crucial factors that you shouldn’t compromise.

Individuals must increase their protein intake, which is crucial to building muscles. Most people don’t consume required protein in their diet, which nudges them to use protein powders and supplements. Whey protein is the ideal choice available in the form of protein powders. Top brands like Gold Standard 100% Whey can help you elevate your protein intake and maximise your muscle-building capacity.

Though it is hard to determine how much muscle you can build in a given time, some studies reveal that 1-2 pounds of lean muscle are possible over one month. Fat gaining is inevitable regardless of muscle development if your calorie consumption is more. 

It is suggested to add 200 – 500 calories extra every day. Research suggests that working out within one hour of lean protein consumption can benefit muscle growth. Protein powders can be an excellent choice for consuming protein during or after a workout.

Though protein is crucial for muscle growth, have a balanced diet and eat meals as per the caloric requirements of your body. A nutritional diet will help you gain muscles, lose fat, and be stronger. Check out some simple tips to help you in this muscle-building journey.

Breakfast to help you gain muscle mass

In the morning, you need to stay full, and breakfast helps you gain all the energy you need until your next meal. It implies that starting your day with a healthy breakfast helps you stay healthier in the long run. Cottage cheese and omelettes can be the best choice when you are trying to gain muscle mass.  

Ensure you eat every three hours

Eating at the right time can help you increase your muscle mass, so have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right time, along with pre- or post-workout snacks. You can add protein powders to smoothies or snacks to increase protein intake. You will find various protein supplements in the market, but it’s essential to choose efficient supplements like Gold Standard 100% Whey. Whey protein is beneficial for building muscles and you can add it to your diet without any doubt.

Protein with every meal

Protein is crucial to building or maintaining muscles, and a person should have a minimum of 1g per pound of their body weight. If you are 120 pounds, your body requires at least 120g of protein per day. Ensure that you have a whole protein source with every meal of the day. 

From poultry to fish and dairy products, you can have the best source of protein to enhance the muscle-building process, including whey protein in post-workout shakes. Apart from these, add fruits and vegetables to every meal. Most of them are low in calories and keep you full for a considerable amount of time.

Wrapping up

When you are trying to gain muscle, protein consumption is mandatory. Ensure that you include the necessary protein in your diet. With protein powders and workout sessions, you can accelerate muscle growth. Always utilise the best protein powders available in the market.

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