Export Quality Wooden Chair Manufacturing Process

Chair is an important furniture in your life style either it is for your office or home. It may be dining chair, bedroom chair, visitor chair, office chair, garden chair, waiting chair etc. Some chair may be made of Wood and some may be made of mixed of wood & upholstery, again, some may be made of steel and plastics also. All has its own characteristics. Manufacturing process of different chairs is different. But making export quality wooden chair is little bit typical. Now I will discuss about how to make export quality wooden chair in your factory.  To manufacture better quality solid wooden dining chair professionally and in profitable way, you need the following raw materials, machinery and hand tools:

Required Raw Materials for Export Quality Wooden Chair:

  • Sized Wood as per design: Sized wood or sized timber is a heart of your chair. Timber section is important also. You can use proper sized Red Oak, White Oak, Beech, Mahogany, Teak or Treated Mango Wood also for making wooden chair professionally. Size is fully depends on you and your design. To make the following designed wooden chair, you need the following sizes of wood:

Better Quality Wooden Chair

  1. Oak Wood for Back Leg: 95cm x 4.2cm x 4.2 cm : 2 Pcs
  2. Oak Wood for Front Leg: 46cmx 4.2cm x 4.2 cm : 2 Pcs
  3. Oak Wood for Seat Link: 41cm x 2.5cm x 6 cm : 4 Pcs
  4. Oak Wood for Round Leg Tie : 41cm x 3cm x 3cm : 2 Pcs
  5. Oak Wood for Seat : 46cm x 2.0cm x 23cm : 2 Pcs
  6. Oak Wood for Back Tie: 41cm x 2.5cm x 5 cm : 2 Pcs
  • Synthetic Resin Adhesive: You need good quality water base synthetic resin adhesive with reasonable curing period (2-4 hours). You can use any brand SRA among Fevicol, Berger Powerbond, Partex Starbond, Fast Bond etc. Among them I prefer Partex Star Bond Adhesive which is very good for wood joining.
  • Screws: You need different types & sizes of Screws such as: 1”, 1.5”, star head, minus head, binding head etc. You can use minus head or star head screw but I prefer Star Head Screw.

Required Machinery for Manufacturing Export Quality Wooden Dining Chair:

  • 4-Side or 6-Head Molder Machine: 4-Side or 6-Head molder is an important machine for wooden chair manufacturing. With the help of 6-head molder machine, you can shape a little bit, mold and size according to your design and requirement. It works for three functions at a time such as jointer planer, thickness planer & molder. If you have this machine, you do not need Jointer Planer, Thickness Planer & Spindle Molder machine. Say, you have 46cm x 4.2cm x 4.2 cm size wood (little bit bent i.e. not straight) but you need 46cm x 3.8cm x 3.8 cm sized and edge molded straight wood, you can easily do that with this one machine instead of three others (Jointer, Thickesser, Molder machines). Performance as well as productivity of this machine is excellent.  For more productivity and to get export quality, you must need this machine (4 Side or 6 Head Molder Machine). It is little bit costly machine but you can buy this machine from Taiwan or China. But I prefer Taiwan as Taiwanese machine are better than Chinese machine considering quality & life though it is little bit costly than China. But if you use European or American Machine, it would be very good but that is more costly.
  • Cross Cutting Machine (Radial Arm Saw): You can cross cut your timber with this machine after accomplishing operation on 6-Head Molder machine. Say, you need 42cm long timber and you have 43cm or 44 cm (42cm+) long timber, you can do it by this Cross Cut Saw Machine. It is very much essential but very cheap also. You can buy this machine from China, Taiwan, and Germany etc.

Export Quality Solid Wooden Chair Making Machinery

  • Steam Box or Steam Chamber: Steam Box or chamber is an important thing for wood softening before wood bending. Normally, a timber of chair back is little bit bent (150 degree instead of 180 degree). If you want to get this shape without bending, you may have to cut it from a wider wood and your wastage would be more. But if you want to minimize wastage and use less wood, you may use it for wood bending purpose. In this chamber, size wood is stacked and steam is supplied from boiler or steam generator for wood softening. Size wood is kept for about 30-40 minutes (depends on thickness and density of wood) in this chamber. After that, they are sent to Wood Bending Machine for bending. It is cheap and easily available in Asia, Europe, and America. You can make yourself also in your factory.
  • Wood Bending Machine with Mold:  Wood bending machine is an especial type of press machine (hydraulic system). Different types of molds are used for obtaining different types of shapes and angles. Molds are mostly made of Aluminum Alloy. It is simple type of wood bending machine but there is another type of High Frequency Wood Bending machine which is more effective. For making chair, wood bending is very important.
  • Linear Copy Shaper with Sanding Machine: Linear Copy Shaping machine is an important machine for export quality wooden chair manufacturing. It can shape chair backs and other wooden parts uniformly and quickly. You can copy any linear shape with this machine perfectly. Productivity is very high. There are two options – shaping and sanding. You can sand linear side or part with this machine. It is costly machine. You can buy this linear copy shaping machine from Europe (Bacci or Pade Brand are good). You can try to get it from Taiwan also as it is cheap in Taiwan.
  • Disc & Belt Sander (or, Round Sander): It is used for round or profile edge sanding after linear shaping and sanding. It is very cheap machine and easily available in the world (Asia, Europe etc).
  • Oscillation Mortiser Machine or Boring Machine: To assemble the chair parts (Back leg, Front Leg etc with Side Link), it is mandatory to make some holes on the wooden parts according the requirements; otherwise, you cannot assemble the chair. So this Oscillation Mortiser machine is very helpful machine for you. It is not costly and available in Asia, Europe and America.
  • Round End (Rectangular) Tenoner : To assemble the chair parts (Back leg, Front Leg etc with Side Link), it is mandatory to make ends rectangular or round shape according the requirements; otherwise, you cannot assemble the chair. So this Round End or Rectangular Tenoner machine is very helpful machine for you. It is not costly and available in Asia, Europe and America.
  • Wide Belt Sander: It is also a very important machine for sanding. Before assembling all parts of the chair, they should be sanded well and this machine is very effective machine for this operation. It is costly machine but available in Asia (China, Taiwan), Europe (Italy, Germany) and America (Mexico, USA). It can be used for flat panel sanding also and it is very good for flat panel.Linear copy shaping machine- Wide Belt Sander-Disc & Belt Sander-Chair Assembler-6-Head Molder Machine
  • Frame Press Machine/ Chair Assembling Machine: Frame Press Machine or Chair Assembler is a very effective and efficient tool for solid wooden chair manufacturing. You can use it instead of using a lot of bar clamp, F-clamp, belt-clamp etc. And, the time for assembling with the help of Chair assembler is very quick (about 10-15 minutes). It is easily available and also you can make yourself in our factory also.

Other than above those things, you may need some hand tools for manufacturing solid wooden chair.

Requirement of Hand Tools for making export quality Solid wooden chair:

  • Rubber Hammer (1-2 Lbs)
  • Pneumatic Screw Driver
  • Drill Machine

You can easily install an export quality wooden chair production line by following above process. By using this set up, you can manufacture wonderful finished chair and can sell them in your local market as well as export market.

Dear Readers, if you have any valuable suggestions regarding my mistakes or improvements, kindly, make comments in the comments part. Your valuable comments are solicited as well as would be highly appreciated.

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