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Five Foods Save Your Eyes from Viewing TV, Laptop, LCD Screen

Now-a-days, we watch TV, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc for a long time and these things torture on our eyes all time. At this circumstances, we can be safe if we take the following five foods regularly. Recently the USA scientists are suggesting us on this regards.

Five Foods To Save Your Eyes from Viewing TV, Laptop, LCD Screen:

Spinach : It contains vitamin C and it is one of the vessels of vitamin C. There are Beta -carotene , many liuteina and jiyajanathina in spinach. Its nutrients has the ability of absorbing blue rays from 40 to 90 percent. It protects your eyes .

5 Foods Will Save Your Eyes From TV, LCD Screen Etc Watching for Long Time

Carrots : Carrots are rich in beta carotenes which prevents spots and eye cataracts. Carrot is the most recommended foods for improved eye sight. You can take it in your Salad or you can take it in boiled and paste condition which is called “Halwa”. So the carrots can be eaten with many tasty ingredients. It is vey much helpful for your eyes.

Eggs : Experts say that egg, especially egg’s yolks is a source of luteina , jiyajanathina and zinc. These are not helpful only for your eyes but also helpful for your body.

Wood nuts / Ayalamanda : There is a plenty of vitamin E in wood nuts or ayalamanda which is beneficial for your eyes . Everyday you should keep some wood nuts or ayalamanda in your food habits which will replenish half of your vitamin E gaps.

Sweet Potato: Sweet potato is a food of Beta kyarotina . The researchers said that it is very necessary for your healthy vision and eyes. Especially, it helps us to see anything in dim light and keep our eyes healthy.

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