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Furnitex Board May Be the Best Alternative of Veneer Board

Do you know about what the Furnitex board is? Furnitex Board means a special type of Partex Veneer Board which is mainly used for making modern home and office furnture. It is a great innovation of Partex Furniture. It is an exceptional type of veneer board. FurnitexBoard has five layers. See the below pictures to get an idea about Furnitex board.

It is mainly made with Particle Board (A chip board made of Jute Stick) and wood veneer. Two types of wood veneer have been used to manufacture Furnitec

board. There are Cross Veneer and Face Veneer. Cross Veneer is mainly a thick veneer produced from cheaper hard wood and face veneer is mainly a thin veneer produced from costly wood like Teak, Oak, and Ash etc. The 2.0 mm thick Cross veneer is mainly used in manufacturing Furnitex boards. The Thickness of Face Veneer may be varied from 0.15mm to 0.6mm. In Furnitex, normally, 0.45mm thick face veneer is used. It is produced like plywood manufacturing process.

Advantages of Furnitex Board:

  1. It is more durable than other veneer board
  2. Its life is more than other veneer board.
  3. Normally, by using this Furnitec board in furniture manufacturing, life of furniture may be higher  than 25 years
  4. It is not easily damageable as it has a core veneer of hard wood on particle board.
  5. It is lighter than any other veneer board as the lightest Particle board is used here.

Disadvantages of FurnitexBoard:

  1. It is more costly than other veneer board
  2. Thickness may be varied slightly
  3. Cross over problem may be seen sometimes
  4. It is not available everywhere in the world. At present, only Partex (Star Particle Board Mills) Star Group is manufacturing and selling it to the market.

Furnitex Veneer Board may be the best alternative of other Veneer Boards in the future world. It may be the best raw material for stylish wooden furniture manufacturing.

FurnitexBoard has a great demand in the world. If anybody wants to buy Furnitex board from Partex Star Group, he may contact with Mr. Md Quamruzzaman, Chief Operating Officer of Partex Star Group (Contact Address: Mobile Phone No: 008801711538382, Email:[email protected])

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