Furniture Manufacturing Raw Material – Board

Board is playing a very vital role in panel based furniture manufacturing. Board means MFC, MDF, HDF, Ply Board, Veneer Board, Furnitex Board etc. In all types of furniture, whether it is wooden furniture or MDF board furniture or MFC board furniture, board is mandatory in case of flat paneled furniture like cupboard, chest of drawer, cabinet etc. You can never ignore it. Today I will discuss about all types of Board which are used as furniture manufacturing raw material.

Melamine Faced Chip Board (MFC Board):

Perhaps you all knew about it if you have seen melamine board office or home furniture or if you have slight idea on panel/board based furniture. Melamine Board means Melamine Sheet Laminated Wood Chip Board. The Wood Chip Board which has melamine paper lamination on both sides of board is called MFC Board. Got it?  I think, your idea is clear now. Let us see a photo of Melamine Faced Chipboard. After that, you would get more idea.

Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF Board):

Medium Density Fiber Board means the board which is produced with wood fibers and its density is around 800 Kg/CBM. Its density is more than Wood Chip Board. MDF Board is used to manufacture MDF furniture or Mixed Wooden Furniture. MDF Furniture can be lacquered. MDF is several types based on lamination. They are Veneer Laminated MDF (Veneered MDF), Melamine Paper Laminated MDF, PVC Foil Paper Laminated MDF, Plain MDF (Naked MDF) etc. Another way, MDF Board is classified into several types based on wood. They are Rubber Wood MDF, Mixed Rubber Wood MDF, Mixed Wood MDF, Pine Wood MDF etc.

Veneered Woodex Board (Veneer Board):

Veneer board is nothing but Veneer Laminated Board. It is manufactured through pressing wood veneer on woodex (wood chip) board. It is mainly used for Panel Based Wooden Furniture Manufacturing. It is used in wooden cupboard, chest of drawer, wooden Almira (Wooden Almirah / Wooden Almari), cabinet manufacturing. It can be lacquered. By using this veneer board, you can get a taste of solid wooden furniture. It is widely used in Wall Paneling.

Furnitex Board (Special Type of Veneer Board):

Have you ever heard the name of Furnitex Board? It is a special type of Veneer Board. Only a company of Bangladesh (Star Particle Board Mills Limited, a subsidiary company of Partex Star Group) is manufacturing this Furnitex board. It is manufactured by using Particle Board (Particle Board is made of Jute Stick) and two types of Wood Veneer-Cross Veneer & Face Veneer. This Furnitex board is more durable & long lasting. It is mainly used for wooden furniture manufacturing. Partex Furniture is widely using Furnitex board in their wooden furniture manufacturing. Furnitex board is better than general veneer board.

Ply Board (Plywood):

One statement is very common – “Wood is good but Plywood is better”. Plywood is also an important raw material for wooden furniture manufacturing. There are various types of plywoods. Decorative plywood, Commercial Plywood etc. is very common plywood for furniture manufacturing.

In the above discussion, I have described in brief about five types of boards which are frequently used as furniture manufacturing raw material. In the next post, I will try to discuss in details about some boards from above list.

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