Furniture Manufacturing Raw Material – Timber (1st Part)

Some timber plays an important role in timber furniture manufacturing process. All timbers cannot be used as furniture manufacturing timber. Normally, Medium Hardwood is used for timber furniture manufacturing. In some cases, some hard wood is also used as timber furniture manufacturing material. But, normally, no softwood is directly used in timber furniture manufacturing. It can be used as plywood. Let us see some good timber which is mostly used in timber furniture manufacturing.

Teak Timber:

Teak is a yellowish brown timber with good grains and texture. It is good worm and termite protective. It has good resistance to prevent all types of wood worm. Its bending tendency is very low compared to others. That is why; it is the best timber for furniture manufacturing.

There are few types of teak wood based on zone or areas. Mainly, Burma is the place best for teak timber. It is more popular timber in the world. It is mainly found in the dense forest of Burma (Myanmar). Teak timber is also found in South Asian countries like Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia & Bangladesh. It is very costly timber. Chittagong teak timber from Bangladesh is also good timber for wooden furniture manufacturing. It is environment friendly. Teak has been using as a boat

building timber for over 100 years. In addition to comparatively high strength of this timber, teak is also high resistant to rot, fungi and mildew. Teak timber has a relatively low shrinkage ratio that makes it excellent for wooden furniture manufacturing.

Teak Champ (Golden Teak) Timber:

It is another one fantastic timber in the world. Under sun ray, it flourishes its beauty. Best type of veneer can be made with this timber to make veneer board for use in furniture manufacturing. It is extensively used for manufacturing natural veneer for making veneer board and other veneered products. Golden Teak or Teak Champ also refers to a very high grade of teak which is used in Thailand. So Golden Teak may be very valuable timber also. Golden teak is actually made from Acacia decurrens. Sometimes, it is sold as “Brazilian Teak Wood or Champ Wood. Teak Champ is a medium hardwood. It grows slowly and steadily. It is highly durable. It is also wood worm & termite protective wood. That is why; it is extensively used for wooden furniture manufacturing, boat manufacturing, tiles manufacturing. It has more sap wood than Burma Teak timber and its sap wood is lighter than core wood. It is cheaper than Burma Teak timber. In South Asian countries, it is used more frequently to make veneer only as its property after slicing is very good. It can be rotary peeled also to make rotary peeled Teak Champ veneer which is more costly.

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