Furniture Manufacturing Raw Material – Timber (2nd Part)

In the first part, I have discussed on Teak timber which is the most important raw material for furniture manufacturing. It is mostly used in India and surrounding of India. Now, I will discuss on other good timber which are also frequently used for timber furniture manufacturing, specially, in Malaysia & China. It is rubber timber.

Rubber Timber:

In Malaysia (Southern side of Malaysia), there are huge Rubber forest and from those forest huge quantity of Rubber timber are collected and supplied to all over Malaysia and nearer country of Malaysia. It looks like whitish timber. But without chemical treatment, it cannot be used for furniture manufacturing.

It is easily attacked by Wood Worm and it is a favorite timber for Wood Worm. After proper chemical treatment, it will never be attacked by wood worm. After chemical treatment, its property goes to change. Its durability and quality becomes very good. Rubber wood is a medium hard wood belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family
and it has very poor tendency to twist or crack.

It is very Eco Friendly. In fact, rubber wood is one of the most durable lumbers which are used in home furniture manufacturing. Rubber wood has a dense grain character which can be easily controlled in the kiln drying (KD Seasoning) process. Like maple wood, rubber wood also produce sap portion in its wood. In other country (say, Thailand), Rubber wood is also called parawood. Rubber wood has very little shrinkage property which makes it one of the more stable construction materials available for furniture, toys and kitchen accessories manufacturing. Rubberwood is not suitable for outdoor usage and not suitable for outdoor furniture manufacturing. Rubberwood is sometimes considered a hardwood and it is considered as the part of the maple wood family.

Another similar timber is Maple Timber which is called the parent timber of Rubberwood. Let us know on Maple Timber about how it can be used as furniture manufacturing raw material.

Maple Timber:

Maple timber is a hard timber. It is not used for furniture manufacturing mainly. But it can be used for manufacturing Wooden Tiles or Wooden Floorings. It is fantastic wood for manufacturing floorings. Its texture and grain is very beautiful and it is close pore wood. Maple wood is generally considered to be very strong, durable and pretty when it is properly finished. Maple timber has various types. Such as: Tiger maple, Curly maple, Birds-eye maple, red maple, soft maple and hard maple. Soft maple is very good wood for producing wood veneer.

Soft Maple wood and red maple woods are typically the same wood. They are harder than cherry wood though they are called soft maple wood. As maple is a hard wood, so, during cutting or molding related operation of maple wood you have to be more careful about your tools & cutters. Your cutters should be clean & sharp. If you take special arrangement during cutting of Maple wood, you can manufacture wooden furniture also by using this wood.

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