Furniture Manufacturing Raw Materials

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Furniture manufacturing industries uses huge varieties of raw materials. It has about more than 6000 varieties of direct or indirect raw materials. The furniture manufacturing company who wants to establish as a professional furniture manufacturing company need more spaces for raw materials storing. The more varieties of Finished Furniture, the more varieties of raw materials and hence the more amount of inventory, it is the optimum result. It has so many raw materials in several categories like Timber, Board, Sheet, Tube, Foam, Fabrics, Paint, Varnish, Lacquer Paint, Hardware, Accessories, Chair components and Lather etc. Different types of furniture manufacturing companies use different types of raw materials. Here, I have give you the list of raw material categories according to types of furniture manufacturing companies.

Timber Furniture Manufacturing Companies:

Timber Furniture  industries use timber, board, foam, fabrics, lacquer, varnishes, and hardware & accessories categories of raw materials.

MDF Furniture Manufacturing Companies:

MDF Furniture companies use MDF either veneered or non-veneered (plain) board, lacquer paints, hardware & accessories etc categories of raw materials. It has wide varieties of hardware like housing, JRN nut, Screws, hinges, drawer slides, locks clamps etc.

Panel Furniture Manufacturing Companies:

Panel Furniture  industries use Panel Board, Hardware, Accessories, etc categories of raw materials. It has also wide varieties of hardware like housing, JRN nut, Screws, hinges, drawer slides, locks clamps etc.

Metal Furniture Manufacturing Companies:

Metal furniture  companies use MS & SS Sheet, MS & SS Tubes, Angles & Shafts, Hardware, Paints, Board, Accessories etc categories of raw materials.

Upholstery Furniture Manufacturing Companies:

Upholstery Furniture Companies use mainly foam, fabrics, lather (artificial/genuine), board, hardware, chair components etc categories of raw materials.

Other than above types of furniture manufacturing industries, there are some mixed types of furniture manufacturing industries like Otobi, Partex , Ikea etc. uses mixed categories of raw materials. In the next posts I will describe in details of furniture manufacturing raw materials (category based) so that everybody can understand all categories of raw materials easily. It will be a series post.

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