Gas Formation in Stomach and Its Prevention Tips

Gas Problems in Stomach is a common issue for us. We normally do not want to share it to others. Most of the person takes medicine for that. Recently, it has been discussed in fox news based on a report on some doctors’ advice. Does it have any problem of taking medicine for Gas problems in the stomach – this question has been raised to those doctors in a forum. Due to gas problems in the stomach, you may face stomach pain as well as vomiting problem.

Due to more gas formation in the stomach, you may face Food digestive problems also. Sometimes, your intestine may be affected due to more gas generation in the stomach. It (gas) may create cysts & infections in the stomach as well as in the intestine.

To solve the problem, in most cases, medicine of Simethikon group is used frequently. But is it safe for us? Most of the doctors tell that it is safe. But, can’t we prevent gas formation in the stomach in place of curing? You know that prevention is better than cure.

If you can follow the following tips, gas formation in stomach can be prevented and medicine cost may be saved.

Tips to Avoid Gas Formation in Stomach:

  • Avoid those food which generates gas in the stomach such as: fast foods, junk foods (chips, fuchka, chotpoti etc), more oily & fried foods etc.
  • Avoid Chewing Gum & hard candy.
  • Avoid carbonated soft drinks and beer.
  • Never eat fruits (apple, guava, orange etc) after afternoon (especially at night).
  • Eat foods slowly and chewing well. (It is also the system of Muhammad (sm), The Prophet of Allah)
  • Take sips of water during eating meal and don’t take water just after eating meal. Wait for at least 1 hour. (It is also the system of Muhammad (sm), The Prophet of Allah)
  • Don’t go to bed for sleeping just after eating, take some time to sleep.

Herbal Treatment for prevention of Gas Formation in the Stomach –

  1. Take a cup of tea made of mint leaf cuff after taking meal
  2. Take Natural digestives

Most important thing is that you must take advice from doctors regarding taking any medicine for gas formation in the stomach.

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