Georgia Car Accident Reports: Are they Public Records?

Ideally, you won’t ever be in a motor vehicle collision. But just in case, you should be aware of what to do next following a collision.

If you live or drive in a place like Savannah or Atlanta, Georgia, this is especially true. According to statistics, compared to many other areas of the state, Atlanta has a higher rate of traffic accidents. In heavily populated locations, car accidents tend to happen more frequently.

When it comes to knowing your legal rights and procedures, it is always best to have a reputable Atlanta auto accident attorney on your side.

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Regulations in Georgia for Reporting Auto Accidents

You are required by Georgia law to notify police authorities when an accident causes damage or death. Additionally, if an accident appears to cause $500 or more in property damage, it must be reported. Even if it doesn’t seem like there were any injuries, it’s still a good idea to report an accident.

If an accident happens in a municipality, you need to call the police there as quickly as you can. If an accident happens outside of a municipality, you can report it to the nearest state patrol station or the county sheriff’s office.

Accessing Georgia’s Car Accident Report Records

Motor vehicle accident reports are among the public information and papers that Georgians have access to according to the Georgia Law Enforcement and Open Records Act.

Your automobile accident report must be requested formally if someone wants to see it. A “written statement of need” is what this is. Sometimes it’s necessary for a person or group to see your report.

The following parties may be interested in seeing your accident report:

  • Those with commercial or personal ties to you or other accident participants
  • those who hold or have owned property that the accident may have destroyed
  • lawyers who might want the report for matters they’re handling
  • a federal agency
  • those who carry out research in ways that the general public would benefit from, such as studies for initiatives to reduce accidents
  • People present during the accident
  • the victims of the accident’s injuries

It makes sense why such parties should desire to view your accident report. Not all requests to view copies of accident reports, nevertheless, are fulfilled. The parties whose requests are evaluated must demonstrate a justifiable need for access to the report. They risk having their request rejected if they don’t.

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