Get a List of Do-Follow Social BookMarking Sites for Your Off Page SEO

How are you, friends? I hope you all are fine. How is going on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice? Without search engine optimization, you cannot see your page in the first page of your search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. But you must follow the recent rules of Google Panda & Penguin, otherwise, you will not be ranked well by Google.
I think you have got my point. You have to be more careful about creating your backlink in bookmarking sites. Do not be hurry in bookmarking, otherwise, it will be treated as spamming. To get good rank from Google, you should more share your link to facebook and twitter, but do not make spamming (No hurry, No more share your link at a time more). Google gives good rank of facebook sharing. Another thing, How do you know about Google+. Try to share your posts or post URL into Google+ regularly as Google gives value more here also. In this way, Google users can see your posts easily.
Best Do follow Social-Bookmarking-Site
Do follow Social-Bookmarking Sites
Let us see the list of favorite Social Bookmarking sites. Here, I have given a list of popular Social bookmarking sites URL for your  easy bookmarking .
Site Url Site Owner Alexa Rank facebook 2 Twitter 9 bookmarksdiary 32,961 hubbookmarks 38,379 bookmarkuniverse 35,730 socialmediaarticle 30,803 chainbookmarks 32,605 flyerbookmarks 37,114 93,211 bookmarkingglobe 74,490 bookmarkcluster 69,731 gatherbookmarks 105,091 bookmarksknot 91,410 hubmarks 32,842 geobookmarks 35,596 bookmarkspice 43,212 submitbookmark 35,242 bookmarkbase 37,083 bookmarkport 60,828 minibookmarks 84,239 bookmarkradiant 92,344 bookmarksparkle 81,134 bookmarkzoom 86,457 bookmarkerportal 67,830 pixelpace 51,520 thesocialbookmarks 87,861 bookmarkingkit 76,560 bookmarksplaza 88,561 bookmarksinfo 85,193 bookmarksfinder 83,287 bookmarkhoster 66,597 bookmarkorient 75,694 bookmarkyours 89,648 bookmarkeagle 49,489 bookmarkswizard 95,399 bookmarkswan 78,943 bookmarkvilla 68,704 addsharer 76,032 3euorg 899,546 academyfair 465,621 43,485 56,153 41,417 ptnoticias 51,703 socialbookmark 84,037 aboogy 28,794 trustme 1,135,239 likesthispage 1,868,621 linksprocket 20,790 blogcharts 28,891 blurpalicious 6,906 bookmarkdevil 57,589 dirtyrottengossip 287,377 dofollow 215,721 digwe 84,179 etamil 97,682 552,346 a-one 168,423 kabuls 120,743 khmer2 104,243 newbookmarks 66,455 17,613 pickafig 90,541 pinoymug 21,540 raidx 35,776 socialmedia1 30,342 thegreenroll 20,062 vipbookmarking 106,741  Linkedin  11

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