Get The Right Time for Social Media Sharing

If you are a blogger and you want to get visitor from social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, stumbleupon, Google+ etc, you must know the right time for social media sharing. It is very important for a blogger or social media marketer. If he does not know the right time for social media sharing, he will not be able to get good visitor from there. Perhaps, you might know that at present social media sites are playing a very important role for increasing ranking of your site. Hundreds of Thousands Million people are using facebook, twitter, linkedin , Google+ etc sites. But peoples are not available all time. In most cases, people arrive online and login to the social sites in some specific times.

Say, in most cases, facebook fans are available from 1PM to 4 PM. But, during 8PM to 8AM they are rarely available. So the right time for facebook media sharing is from 1PM to 4PM.

Similarly, the right time for twiitting is from 1PM to 3PM and the wrong time for twitter sharing is 8PM to 9AM. And, the right time for Google+ sharing is from 9AM to 11Am and the wrong time for that is 6PM to 8AM.

Moreover, the right time for social media sharing depends on the zone of the world. Normally, people are mostly available online for social media sharing during their leisure period. It depends on country to country also. So, at first, think about your targeted country and then, find their leisure period and after that, share anything to there.

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