Get Top 5 Social Bookmarking Gadgets for Your Website

Everyday a lot of blog or site is being developed, but why? There is a reason behind it definitely. Everybody develops his site to get more traffic. But how? Is it easy? I think you will give answer “No”. But I tell you “Yes”. It is easy now. But question is how?

There is an easy and simple way to do something about the amount of traffic generated to your blog or website. Bookmarking is that easy way of getting huge traffic. After every post update or after updating your site time to time, you can bookmark into the social bookmarking sites. Now I will share you how to get top 5 social bookmarking gadgets for your site.

5 top social bookmarking gadgets:

AddToAny Gadget:

AddToAny is a leading and most pleasant blogging and bookmarking gadget in the world. It is much more than can be seen in the blog. You can bookmark your site or posts to popular social bookmarking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace etc. from this gadget. Website:

AddToSocial Gadget:

AddToSocial is not more familiar with the popular bookmarking gadget, all the time. However, there is an additional benefit to bookmark here. Website:


OnlyWire is not also very popular but you can add-ons in Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to bookmark your site easily.  Website:

AddThis Gadget:

No doubt. AddThis is the top most popular gadget in the world for social bookmarking. You can get ad-on from Firefox browser by searching “addthis”. Install this ad-on and restart your Firefox browser and see the wonderful thing how easy the bookmarking is! Website:

ShareThis: It is one of the wonderful gadgets for social bookmarking. It works like AddThis gadget. It shows the percentage of each post, and mail between the numbers of different sites. Website:

I hope this tricks would be helpful for you to bookmark easily for your site. Thank you for visiting ………………….

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