How to Get USA Visitor to Your Blog

Getting USA visitor to your blog is like a money cashing machine to the Adsense as well as Chitika Publishers. Most of the blogger knows that visitors from UK, USA, Australia and Canada through Google/Bing/Yahoo search gives a high CPC (Cost per Click) & CTR (Click Through Rate) to the Adsense and Chitika Publishers.

Why USA visitor to your blog is valuable to Google?

USA Visitor to your blog is highly valuable as the % of internet users of those countries are high. Statistics shows that about 24.5% of total internet users are USA citizens and about 75.5% of their populations are using internet regularly as well as in their regular activities.

Most of the American use internet in their commercial & day to day’s activities like purchasing online, selling online, payment online, education online etc. It is obviously true that America (specially USA & Canada) is the most important market to bring targeted visitor for all online organizations across the whole world. USA & Canadian traffic are so essential that it brings good profit for the advertisers as well as publishers. That is why, now, I will discuss about How to get more targeted USA traffic to your site?

Target on Keywords For US and Canada:

The first and most important tips is to select your keywords targeting to USA & Canada visitor. We should target some keywords which are highly searched in USA, Canada and UK. Try to write high quality and unique content on that keywords and also do proper SEO (on-page) so that your keyword can get good rank in Search Engine Result Page.

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1)      You must put your targeted keyword in the post title (<h1> </h1>), in your permalinks (URL), meta tags & description, H2/H3/H4 headings.
2)      Try to keep post with 2-3% keyword density
3)      Use Alt Image Tag and do image optimization.
4)      When you write any content, set anchor texts same as your keyword.
5)      When you publish any post, create some backlinks (Off-Page SEO) for your that post with same keywords. Don’t do spamming during link building as it might do negative effect in your SERP ranking.

Use .US Domain to Attract USA Visitor:

To attract and get USA visitor to your blog, you can buy and use dot .US domain name in your blog. It seems pretty childish, but, fact is that it brings huge USA visitors to your blog or website. From my personal experience and research, I got good result which really vibrated me. At the same time I advise you to host your blog or site into USA based server like Godaddy, Hostgator etc. If you host your blog on US server, it would be easier for you to get much more traffic from USA, Canada and even more from Europe. Yahoo/Bing/Google understand this IP protocol and they take it into their consideration.

Use Google Webmaster Tools by USA Gmail Account:

Try to open a gmail address using USA IP address and use google webmaster tools from that account. Verify your blog with that account. Don’t worry ! You will start to get USA visitor to your blog very soon. Google sets target and setup their Adwords campaign (CPC) based on geographical locations.

How to Open USA Based Gmail Account:

During creating a USA based gmail account, follow the following steps.

1) Change your IP to USA IP. In this case, you can use IP Changer or IP changing software.
2) Sign up for a new Gmail account with this IP. During sign up, chose United States as your country/location. By default, location may be automatically set by Google itself to your original country and Google uses your IP for that.
3) Verify your new gmail address by using your mobile phone (SMS or phone call).
4) After being verified, login to by using your gmail address and then, go to your dashboard of Google Webmaster.
5) Look towards the right side and locate the gear icon (settings icon), click on that and select ‘site settings’.
6) On the “site settings” page, go to the ‘Geographic Target’ and from there, you may scroll down to pick United States as your country.

Configure your Yahoo/Bing Webmaster Settings:

Follow the above procedure to create a Bing webmaster account by using USA IP address. Then,

1) Sign in to your Bing webmaster account by using USA IP.
2) In your dashboard, under ‘configure my site’, select ‘Geo-targeting’
3) Choose your own domain and from the right side, select your country ‘United States’
4) With this new setting, Bing will configure your search traffic so that USA visitor can find your blog through searching with your targeted keyword.


Use Google hot trends to find most searched keywords in USA:

To find most searched keywords in USA now, Use Google HotTrends. It allows you to get access to the huge list of most searched keywords that can bring most targeted USA Traffic.

Social Promotion Your Blog in USA and Canada Communities:

Promote your blog to the social medias targeting to USA & Canada citizens. Social promotion is always an open secret for the bloggers to get huge traffic to your blog. Try to use stumble upon, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and twitter to share your content that attracts USA visitor to your blog. Join into different forums, Groups, forums and some other US based blogs. Try to put comment there regularly. Be active member into those forums.

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Submit Your Blog to US Directories:

Directories are important since people are using them to find interesting things on the web. There are a lot of US based directories in the web which can help you to get USA visitor to your blog. You may easily submit your site to USA directories. In this regard, you can use USA Listing Web Directory since there are a lot of directories that you search in Google.

Advertise on Popular USA Blogs:

If you can invest some money, you can advertise on some USA popular blogs. You can use BuySellAds to find popular USA blogs and can purchase ad slot on those blogs to get USA traffic to your blog. BuySellAds is very easy and reliable to advertise on best blogs.

If you can follow above few tips to get USA visitor to your blog, you can surely get more US traffic to your blog easily.

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