Google’s First Apps for Apple Wrist Watch

Google has entered the battle for the granting of applications for Apple Wrist Watch and they recently released an updated version of iOS news and weather app, which is compatible with the Smart Watch.

The first application of Google to Apple, clock – Google News and weather – which was previously available for smart phones now allow users to get a quick view of the display of news headlines Apple Wrist Watch, reports by TechCrunch.

1st apps for apple wrist watch

There was no shortage of applications – Apple monitors, so the device was launched in April 2015, but still remained far from Google. The application is very simple, however. You can browse through the headlines and images, but cannot read stories or summaries directly from the application.

The application is about a dozen headlines with accompanying photo for each organized around themes such as sports and fashion.
However, users can not click to read the full, or article or to easily send the contents of their phones. There is also no function of time, so far.

Despite the request signal truncated approach that Google can collapse, some of his most reliable applications on the new Apple device.

Google has its own SmartWatch platform, Android wear that preceded Apple Wrist Watch. But Apple Wrist Watch were sold more units in the first day Android wear watches sold during the year, according to estimates, Google may be ready to go where users, even if not their own device

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