A Complete Guide for Beginners To Play Clash Of Clans 

Clash of Clans is a tremendously well-liked strategy game on the iPhone, iPad, and Android that provides entertaining, fast-paced, and mobile strategy with an addictive leveling system and lots of possibilities to keep playing even after you take your first base. Since 2012, Clash of Clans has been a top-grossing mobile strategy game for Android and iOS. Supercell, the creators of the fantasy-themed realm, has kept players interested with frequent upgrades that entice them to return to the game even after a long absence. Players can play with their pals, raid villages, forge enduring relationships, and much more in the game. 

With the help of these beginner-friendly Clash of Clans tips, you can establish a stronghold, experience early success, and improve your gameplay. You can achieve all without having to shell out any real money. Therefore, we’ll help you get started playing Clash of Clans. You can use these pointers to improve as a player by learning how to balance your assault and defense, create a base, and more. 

How to Improve Your Clash of Clans Base Construction 

Nowadays, people have become smarter and usually use shortcuts for everything. Similarly, they also use shortcuts for games. It has been observed that gamers often buy accounts that are already having a good build in the game. At times, some beginners are interested in getting a cheap coc account from a former gamer to upgrade themselves directly. But this is optional, and if you are a beginner, you must first construct a base in Clash of Clans. To improve your Clash of Clans base, you can use a variety of tools and instructions. So that your base is secure against raids by other players, you need to build this up and place buildings and defenses. This is a crucial component of the game. It’s all about offense and defense in Clash of Clans. 

There are three essential components to creating a stronger Clash of Clans base. Defend your town hall by erecting walls and a strong defense. If you overlook one of these tasks, you’ll waste time and money repairing your base after an attack. 

A base’s defense can be observed, but your building options and resource availability are constrained. In the meantime, you can construct bases to handle all of the aforementioned tasks and defense, resource farming, and Clan Warfare. Your town hall level will have an impact on your base. 

Conserve your gems 

You might be tempted to part with some gems when you’re first starting out or even when you’re in the middle of the game to hasten the completion of an upgrade. This is a terrible idea because you could use those gems for so much more, like speeding up army training when you have downtime. Before spending any gems on anything else, make sure you have the maximum number of builders available, which is either 5 or 6 depending on your Builder Village level. 

You should look at your profile’s achievements if you wish to earn additional gems. They frequently reward you with a significant number of gems for doing something easy like regularly giving to your clan. 

Additionally, when you play, you can get free Clash of Clans gems by achieving a variety of in-game objectives or challenges. According to the game’s wiki, the freest Clash of Clans gems that a player may obtain is 3,715 after obtaining 3,200 trophies. Also, when you overcome a challenge, you can obtain free Clash of Clans gems. Experience and one to six diamonds are the results. In rare occasions, you won’t receive any jewels. You can get 25 free gems if you come across a Gem Box obstacle. 

Resources for farming are essential 

Set up your army appropriately if you want to gather a lot of resources quickly. You should pay attention to the loot in the opposing base during matchmaking rather than the number of trophies. Having a backup plan in place is a good idea, especially if you have a lot of valuable data to store. You will be able to distinguish between them being completely empty and overflowing with supplies. 

Understand exactly When to Use Shields and Rebuild 

There are moments when you cannot be attacked. You receive a three-day shield when you first start playing Clash of Clans. No one can attack you while you are in this initial stage. This Clash of Clans shield won’t endure forever, so you should utilize it to fortify your buildings. 

You receive a 12-hour Shield after an attack that destroys 40% or more of your base or town hall. A free 16-hour shield is provided if 90% of your base is destroyed. The shield immediately lifts if you assault another player or use the option to exact revenge on the person who destroyed your base. Without losing a shield, you can continue to play the single-player campaign or Clan Wars. Moreover, you can purchase a Clash of Clans shield using gems, but each shield has a remarkable down period, so you can’t stay protected indefinitely. 

Avoid upgrading your town hall too quickly 

You should resist the urge to enhance your Clash of Clans town hall as soon as you have the money to do so. You get less loot from raids when you assault other players, and if their town hall level is lower than yours then your town hall level is higher. Compared to the first five levels, half as much can be taken when your town hall is level 10. 

Once you start, you should enhance your structures to max levels before improving your Clash of Clans town hall. After completing this step, you can improve the town hall whenever you want. 

Make sure to carefully balance trophy pushing and farming

Trophy pushing involves getting more trophies so you can move up the leagues, whereas farming involves getting more resources and upgrading your foundation as quickly as possible. Both ways to play Clash of Clans are feasible, but farming is the only way to make sure your base is strong. Later, you can always push for trophies. But you will need to put in a lot more time if you want to advance in the leagues. The league bonuses will typically meet your resource requirements, but you also need to plan for other players attacking you and stealing your trophies. 


The pointers mentioned above are our best Clash of Clans advice that a beginner can use. These essential pointers and techniques will undoubtedly be beneficial for individuals who are new to the craze. Using these strategies can help you advance through the game more quickly, even though it might take some time for you to get used to the game itself.