Guideline to Get Approval for Yahoo Bing Ads Network Media.Net Contextual Ads Account

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Yahoo and Bing are working jointly to run their advertisement network and its name is A lot of bloggers are using (Yahoo Bing Ads Network)ads on their blog to earn money from home online. They are the strongest advertising network as well as a great competitor and best alternative of Google Adsense.

Yahoo Bing Ads Network is the 2nd greater way of online earn money from home with a website or a blog. Yahoo Bing Ads Network (Media.Net) also pay money to their publisher based on CPM (Cost per Mile – pay per 1000 page views). Now I will share you a guideline to get approval for Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network that will assist you to get approval of easily. The address of the Yahoo Bing Ads Network ( is  Www.Media.Net.


Steps and Tips to Get the Media.Net Account Approval:

Copyright Free Content:

Before applying for Yahoo Bing Ads Network (media.Net), you must make sure that you do not have any copyrighted content in your blog or website. Your application would be rejected by Yahoo and Bing Ads Network, If you did not remove copyright content from your blog. If you have unique and quality content, you will get the priority to be approved. You can use or to know that whether your blog have copy content or not.

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To check your content’s duplicacy, use by the following way:

(1) Go to
(2) Put the content into the box in
(3) Press the Search Button.
(4) If you find any copied content, then remove it.


Your domain age should be more than 3 months. Normally, Yahoo Bing Ads network does not approve a new site or blog below than 3 months. You can apply for Yahoo Bing Ads Network also with free hosted domain like and

Sufficient Traffic:

You must have minimum1000 page views per day and at least 300 unique visitors per day. Yahoo Bing Ads Network (Media.Net) requiretraffic more from USA/UK/Canada since most of the ads are related to those countries. If you think that your blog is running well and you have 1000 of page views per day, you can eligible for apply for Yahoo Bing Ads Network ( Organic traffic is most important also for the approval of

Language of your Blog:

Your blog or website language must be English. This is mandatory. If your blog language is not English, you are not eligible for apply.

Removal of Other Ads Services:

If you are using numerous advertising program on your blog, you must remove those ads before apply. Yahoo Bing Ads network also may reject to you for a lot of ads on your blog.

Illegal Contents:

Yahoo and Bing Ads Network does not accept your application, if your blog have illegal contents (like hacking, Adult/pornography, Alcohol/drugs, cracking software etc).

Overall Design of Your Blog:

Theme or template of your website or blog should be well designed. Navigation should be clear in your site. You must create “about” and “privacy policy” pages in your blog. Your blog should have following three things:

1)      Clear & Easy navigation
2)      SEO friendly
3)      Professional look

Finally, if you can follow the above mentioned guideline and tips for approval of media.Net accounts, it would be easy for you to get approval. However, I think, it is not difficult to get approved Yahoo Bing ads network now. After applying for ads network, it may take 1 to 2 weeks to get their decision whether you will be approved or disapproved.


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