COVID19 Hajj Updates

Hajj 2020 Starts with Quarantined Pilgrims during COVID-19

Hajj 2020 Activities Starts with Quarantined Pilgrims in Saudi Arabia during COVID19 period. 10000 (Ten Thousand) Hajis are attending in COVID19 Hajj 2020.

The Hajj 2020 activities have started with the quarantine of selected pilgrims. His seven-day quarantine has started since last Sunday. Saudi Arabia’s Haj Ministry and Umrah have given this information to the media. This activity has been done to ensure the health protection of the pilgrims. At the end of quarantine, attendees will be able to participate in the main activities of the Haj. Due to the Corona epidemic, only 10,000 pilgrims are able to participate this year. Of these, 60 percent are foreign nationals living in Saudi and 30 percent are Saudi citizens. Citizens of 180 countries have been allowed to participate in Haj activities in 2020 in foreign countries. Haj participants should participate in Hajj 2020 activities as per strict hygiene rules and remain in quarantine at the end of Hajj.

Arab News confirmed this Hajj 2020 updates yesterday.

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