Great History of Furnitex Board Manufacturing

What is Furnitex Board?

Furnitex Board is one kind of veneer board which is made with the combination of plain particle board (Different thicknesses 9mm to18mm and size 8’x4’), Cross Veneer (especially, Gorjon Timber thickness of 2mm and above), Decorative Face Veneer (Thin Veneer) of thickness 0.35mm to 0.60 mm and glue. This furnitexboard is generally used for wooden furniture manufacturing.

History of FurnitexBoard Manufacturing:

Thinking of using alternative things instead of timber or plain board, in 1999 as an experimental project, Furnitexboard was produced and promoted to laboratory test as tensile, breaking strength, bending strength and durability. In this product’s invention, a group of people contributed.They are Mr. Rafiqul Islam (Ex. Manager of Furniture Production Dept.), Mr. Abdul Hai (AGM, Veneering Plant) and Mr. Abu Syed (Sr. Officer, Quality Control Dept.).

From the very beginning, this Furnitex board was produced in the Veneering Plant of Star Particle Board Mills Limited (Partex Star Group) in the primary stage. After that, Plywood Plant (Another Department of SPBML of PartexStar group) is continuing to produce furnitexboard commercially. This product is only produced at Star Particle Board Mill’s factory in Bangladesh and even in the world.

Advantages of Using Furnitex Board in Furniture:

  1. Furnitex can cut easily with the help of normal saw blade by which Panel Board/MFC Board is cut.
  2. Furnitex has light weight compared to MFC Board
  3. It can be decorated with the help of CNC router machine or Hand router machine
  4. It is more durable than any other board.
  5. It has strong anti-fungus property
  6. It can be used to produce flat paneled wooden furniture
  7. Its screwing capacity is good

In Furnitex Board, less quantity of timbers are used as there is particle board inside of it. So by using Furnitex board, use of timber or cut of timber is lessened. Indirectly, by using Furnitex board in modern home furniture manufacturing, we are saving our forest. Forest is called the nature’s lung which produces oxygen. Any country needs 25% forest to keep balancing. That is why; Furnitex Board is eco-friendly. So everybody should use FurnitexBoard instead of veneer board or MDF board or MFC board in their furniture manufacturing process.

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