In-house Furniture Polishing Using Olive Oil

In-house Furniture polishing should be a regular practice to make your home furniture shine. It protects from color fading and from losing beauty. You can easily polish your wooden furniture by yourself by using your household materials. You need not to buy any chemicals from the market. It is not actually a commercial polish. This is sometimes called Olive Oil Polish. There are 02 different ways to formulate olive oil polish depends on the degree of polishing which your wooden furniture needs actually. Normally this type of oil polishing is more suitable on that wooden furniture which has oiled finish rather than shiny varnish. It is not the best one solution but an alternative solution.

Options of In-house Furniture Polishing:

There are two options in Olive oil polishing for inhouse furniture polishing. One is Vinegar Mixture olive oil polishing and another one is Lemon Juice mixture Olive oil polishing. But the application process is same for both cases.

Steps of Olive Oil Polishing:

  • Select low cost olive oil for your in-house furniture polishing. You need not require costly olive oil. You can use any brand olive oil in this regard. It is just for the purposes of furniture shining.
  • Mix some Vinegar (Lemon Juice) with Olive Oil in a specific proportion (10%-20% Vinegar) in a cup or glass or in a ceramic container.
  • Apply this mixture with a soft polishing cloth but never rub it too hard. Apply that mixture softly and wipe up softly on your furniture
  • Allow to dry. After drying, you will see that your furniture has become polished and shiny.

I hope you will make cheers after going through above tips. If you feel any problem, do not hesitate to let me know your opinion.

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