How Long Should a Quality Mattress Last?

The most important purchase you will ever make for your bedroom is a bed that promotes incredible sleep and excellent health. If it’s terrible, it won’t just be uncomfortable to sleep on; it might also increase your risk of back pain and lead to several other issues. Therefore, investing in a high-quality mattress for your bed is essential. There are a few factors to take into account to do so. One of these is to guarantee a longer lifespan, influenced by several elements, such as the materials used, the production quality, the level of care offered, and usage

A mattress may last much longer than the recommended 7 to 10 years if made of high-quality materials. However, this only applies to some beds as some wear out more quickly than others, depending on their quality and how you use and maintain them.

Here are a few of the most crucial elements that determine the longevity and durability of your mattress.

1. Components & Construction

A mattress comprises several parts arranged in a certain way to maximize its benefits and durability while also satisfying several standards. Both the structure and the use of the materials are essential. Purchasing a mattress composed of high-quality materials constructed well is crucial because every mattress layer has a specific function. The material and structure may affect how long a mattress lasts. A latex or innerspring mattress may last longer than a foam mattress, which may start to wear out sooner.

2. Material Quality

A mattress will often progressively lose its shape and support after being used continuously, eventually wearing out. It won’t give you the comfort and support you need to sleep soundly, and it could result in pressure sores, a sore back, and other problems. The mattress will last longer if it is made of high-quality materials.

A mattress typically lasts for longer time, but this might change depending on the quality of the foam, latex, springs, technology, fabric, and other components that make up the mattress. The completed product will reflect the quality of these components, while the mattress will reflect the quality of the materials used. Saatva’s overall comfort and high-quality mattress will offer support while you sleep and long-term comfort for your neck and spine.

3. Your Sleeping Habits and Position

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The individual using the mattress and their sleeping habits impact how long it will last. Everyone has a distinct body shape, size, weight, and sleeping habits, including sleeping positions. As others move around in bed at night, other people stay in one position while sleeping. Generally, if a person sleeps in the same position and posture every night, their body impression is left on the bed. The bed progressively sags, droops, and becomes bumpy under the human body’s weight. The mattress will last longer if you alternate between sleeping positions and use the entire bed.

A person should choose a mattress based on their weight because their weight impacts the life of the bed. Your body weight determines how much pressure you put on a bed, which impacts the mattress’s lifespan. Therefore, choose one thick enough to accept and sustain your body weight.

4. Use & Care

You must take care of anything you use and adhere to its unique care recommendations. The same is true with your bed; the length of time it lasts may greatly depend on how well you take care of it. A bed is typically used for a more extended period; during that time, it is rarely adequately cleaned. Your bed becomes covered in dirt, dust, liquids, food crumbs, and other pollutants that encourage the growth of bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms.

However, many people must be aware that their mattress must be replaced since it is old. But you can discover this by keeping an eye out for the warning signs, which include deformation, lumpiness, persistent squeaking, and springs poking through the upholstery layer. These can be prevented by utilizing a mattress protector, offering sufficient support, rotating and flipping the mattress, and keeping it clean and dry.

Here are a few tips that can help you make your mattresses last for a longer duration.

1. Make Use of a High-Quality Mattress Cover

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Your bed gathers dust, dirt, fluids, mainly sweat, other items, and spills that happen accidentally while used. These can result in stains and discoloration, which are unsightly, difficult to remove, unhygienic, and almost always infringe on warranties. Removing these stains and preserving the mattress from them is nearly impossible because a bed cannot be cleaned. However, employing a protector may assist in relieving this issue because it is simple to use, remove, and clean. A protector extends the life of the bed by preventing any fluids or dirt from getting on it. Get a mattress protector to keep your mattress safe, sanitary, clean, and protected.

2. Rotate and flip it Regularly

Sleeping in the same spot and position on your bed every night could lead to excessive wear, sagging, and lumps and bumps. By simply turning and flipping your mattress regularly, you may prevent it. If your mattress has two sides, you can flip it over and rotate it lengthwise and widthwise. On the other hand, single-sided mattresses can be turned. Depending on the material and manufacturer, the rotation/flipping schedule varies, but it is typically advised to rotate/flip the mattress every two to three months.

3. Offer adequate bed and frame support

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Every night, you spend about 7-8 hours in bed. Therefore, it must withstand weight and pressure for a more extended period. Therefore, having a comfortable bed is crucial. The same is actual of your mattress, which supports your weight and endures constant pressure and movement. These things can all lead to sagging, drooping, and dipping. Have a bed base that can bear weight and pressure while giving the mattress adequate and equal support to prevent this. Your mattress will last less time if your bed base is flimsy and supportive. Therefore, we advise you to pick a sturdy bed and foundation for your mattress. 

4. Avoid bending, folding, or placing weights or heavy objects on it.

A mattress loses its form, shape, and structure when bent or folded, which reduces its comfort, may cause the foam to come loose, and may even damage the springs. Additionally, using the handles to move the mattress or constantly sitting on the edge of the bed might cause damage to the mattress. Even though you would think that this insignificant activity doesn’t impact its durability, it does. All these things are terrible for your mattress because they promote lumps, bumps, and early wear and tear. However, maintaining your mattress in top condition and avoiding bending or folding it will last much longer.

5. Prevent children from jumping on beds

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How you handle your mattress is among the most frequent reasons it is harmed and loses shape. Do your children regularly jump and play on the bed? If so, one of the causes could be this. Any harsh treatment can hasten wear and tear and result in uncomfortable sleep because a bed is intended to be used and cared for. Jumping on a person’s bed unwittingly puts too much weight on one area of the bed, thereby destroying it. The mattress degrades and compresses far more quickly than it usually would.


Healthy living and repairing the body and mind depend on getting enough sleep. However, getting a good night’s sleep could be challenging if your bed is not supportive and comfortable. Therefore, having a comfortable mattress and maintaining it in top shape is essential. It depends on several factors, including quality, material, and care.

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